Vaporizer Shark Calls Digital Volcano ‘The Best Desktop Vaporizer’ In New Review

We know we mentioned this before in our earlier coverage of’s launch, but we find ourselves compelled to say it again after having checked out their new review of the Digital Volcano Vaporizer: Vaporizer Shark offers some of, if not THE, most insightful vaporizer reviews that those of us at Vaporizer Wire have ever seen. And perhaps unsurprisingly to some, their new Volcano Vaporizer review is no exception as it covers virtually every aspect of the popular desktop vape from a perspective exhibiting nothing short of great expertise. Needless to say, we are impressed.'s Digital Volcano Review
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In their review, they can’t help but note the vape’s relatively high cost while pointing out the fact that such a high price tag actually prevents some would-be owners from acquiring it, or at least acquiring new through traditional means. But outside of this drawback and the fact that it, like most if not all vapes, must be cleaned somewhat regularly, they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. A vaporizer without fault? Apparently so, or at least such is the case according to Vaporizer Shark’s vaporizer reviewers. While we’re not going to speculate on whether or not their assessment is, in our opinion, an accurate one, we will say that there’s no question about it and that the consensus amongst vapers is clear: the Digit (the name by which Storz & Bickel, makers of the Volcano vaporizers, refers to the Digital Volcano) is clearly one of the best desktop vaporizers around. And in contrast to some vapes which quickly rise in popularity upon their release and then lose the interest of consumers just as quickly, the Digit, like its predecessor, the original Volcano Vaporizer, has managed to maintain widespread popularity even after all these years. And for those who don’t realize just how long the Volcano vapes have been around, yes, they have literally been on the market for years at this point, which is actually a really long time in terms of vape years given that the industry is still so new.

At this point, from what we’ve gathered analyzing Vaporizer Shark’s website, the Volcano Digit is their highest rated vaporizer at this time – and this include both portable vaporizers as well as desktop vaporizers that they’ve reviewed. So while they tout it as “the best desktop vaporizer” in their new review, it’s technically their highest rated vaporizer. Which, we assume, would make it the absolute best vaporizer that they’ve reviewed, at least thus far. What do you think, is the Digit really the best vape on the market? While we’ll leave that question for you to answer for yourself, we will tell you a bit about what makes it such an intriguing piece of vape technology. For starters, it, well, the originally technically, introduced the idea of vaporizer balloons to the masses. Not only that, it also made vaping fun, or at least, it sure did for us. Before it, the vaporizers were less than impressive. But when it hit shelves, suddenly there was this idea, the idea of vaping, and it was less of a novelty and more of a practical reality. There it was, a vaporizer that you could actually use and enjoy using – working so well that those of us here a Vaporizer Wire suddenly knew that vaping wasn’t just a fad, it was something very real: an alternative to smoking. Is it healthier? While some studies say yes and some studies say no, the release of the Volcano cemented vaping into the history books. It helped breathe new life into an infantile industry and now we’re here, years later, and vaping is still around. In fact, the vaporizer industry is flourishing, which you may have gathered from the vaping contests, the prevalence of vape shops, and so forth. Clearly, vaping has become incredibly popular in a short amount of time and frankly speaking, the Volcano had a lot to do with it.

“This is quite literally the best desktop vaporizer on the market.”

The original, the Classic version of the Volcano, just had a little analog dial that one could turn to adjust the temperature. It didn’t and doesn’t still offer a display, whereas the new version, the Digit that Vaporizer Shark just reviewed, has a big bright display that shows the current temperature as well as the temperature that the user has programmed in (known as the “set temperature”). In order to change the temperature, the user need only press the up and down temperature buttons to adjust it to their liking. With such a simple temperature control system, it’s really no surprise to us that the Digit has proven to be such a success. Well, that and the fact that it’s otherwise basically the same as the original, which is itself clearly an incredible vaporizer. But temperature controls probably aren’t what most of you find fascinating so long as they’re easy to use and they work as intended, which is the case with the Volcano’s. More likely, you’re interested in the variable that first set it apart from the crowd: its balloons.

The balloons, which are also referred to as vaporizer bags, are what the Volcano uses to capture the vapor that it produces. Once captured within a bag, the vapor is stored and can be used at one’s leisure. While we don’t mean that you can store it for any kind of extended period of time, we do mean that you can somewhat casually inhale it, as opposed to inhaling it as it’s being produced, which is what one does with the traditional “whip” (a tube or hose) delivery method. And for those who like to relax while they partake, it’s definitely not a bad way to go about it. By creating a mouthpiece that attaches to the balloon that acts as a valve that opens when the mouthpiece is pressed to one’s lips, Storz & Bickel ensured that virtually anybody could use the Volcano without putting much, if any, thought into it. Just press it against your lips and the valve opens, inhale and when you’re done, just take your lips off of it and closes right back up. This extremely intuitive and convenient way of delivering vapor has become so popular since the Volcano’s release that more than a couple of vaporizer manufacturers have attempted to, at least to some degree, mimic it. But as far as we are aware, none have managed to trump Storz & Bickel’s Volcano vaporizers in this regard, at least not as far as the vaporizer review crowd’s findings are concerned.

Back to Vaporizer Shark’s review of the Digital Volcano, what their team has done is gone ahead and compile what is quite possibly all of the information one might find of interest in pertinence to the Digit and published it all within their extremely comprehensive review. In addition, they’ve included tips on how to use it, information about how they like to use it, what it’s capable of, how to choose between the two different valve types offered, and comparisons. Perhaps most interesting to those who are seriously considering buying it are the comparisons in which they stack the Digit up against the likes of some of the most popular and formidable opponents, which include the Extreme Q by Arizer, the viVape 2 by Vaporfection, and more. To learn more about the Digit and to find out exactly what the folks at Vaporizer Shark think about it, be sure to check out their review!

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