New E-Liquid Tax Proposed By New York Governor

A tax on all vapor products in New York? If Governor Andrew Cuomo has his way, that’s exactly what New Yorkers will be faced with and according to some accounts, it could have a negative impact on some local businesses.

New York City Lights At Night
The governor of New York has proposed a statewide tax on all vapor products.

Dewey Avenue Smoke Shop owner Leonard Stebbins was quoted by WHEC as having said in regards to Cuomo’s proposed e-liquid tax, “If the tax becomes very excessive we’re going to lose customers to the internet and to other states,” but still others see it as good news for the state’s human inhabitants. Take URMC Associate Professor in Public Health Science Scott McIntosh for example. According to McIntosh, what Cuomo has proposed “is good news for public health” as vaping is not without its health risks.

According to McIntosh, researchers have found vapor to contain “six times as much copper as traditional tobacco smoke,” which is just one of the reasons why Cuomo’s move is viewed by some as a move towards protecting the health of the public at large.

What do you think of the proposed vape tax in New York?

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