The Crafty Vaporizer By Storz & Bickel Examined

Curious about Storz & Bickel’s portable Crafty vaporizer? So were we, which is why we put together this analysis. Want to know more about it? You’ve found the right article to read on the right site to read it.

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel
This is one of Storz & Bickel’s two portable vaporizers, the Crafty, seen with its lid off. The mouthpiece, the long straw-like piece protruding from the lid, is on a swivel, making it more comfortable to use.

The Crafty is somewhat one-of-a-kind, but then again, it’s also pretty similar to the Mighty. Both are made by Storz & Bickel, however, the Crafty, being much smaller, is highly appealing at a glance. And the name behind it all, Storz and Bickel, serves as just one more reason to take this vape into serious consideration. Why? Because this is one vape manufacturer that is widely known for the quality of its products. Haven’t heard of them? They’re the same company that makes one of the world’s most popular vaporizers, the Volcano. Yeah, they’re that Storz & Bickel and the Crafty is one of two portable vaporizers that they make at this time.

What makes this vape particularly intriguing to us is primarily who makes it. Knowing what the Volcano vaporizer manufacturer is all about, we can’t help but be extremely curious when it comes to the Crafty. While we won’t weigh in at this time on how well it works, we will share the findings of some of the others out there who have reviewed it. But before we dive into all that, we’re going to tell you a bit about it.

General Information

Crafty is a full featured vape that has a temp range that stretches all the way up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t the highest temperature you’ve probably ever heard of a vape going up to, but unlike a number of other vapes, our understanding is that this one actually works really well while operating at lower temperatures. Why exactly? We couldn’t tell you. But according to the Crafty vaporizer reviews we analyzed, this is more than adequate to vaporize dry blends and concentrates. Typically, higher temperatures are often suggested for concentrates, but in this case, apparently it’s not necessary. While we won’t speculate on this, we will note that all of this company’s vaporizers are designed to work with all types of blends thanks to a simple accessory that makes a world of difference: the Liquid Pad. This little accessory, once placed inside of the vape’s oven, turns it into a concentrate vaporizer. So if you want to vape extracts, the Crafty is one of those portables that can handle what you’re looking to do.

When you first turn this vape on, it only has two temperatures settings programmed into it. These two settings are basically a default and a boost setting. The default setting is set to 356 degrees Fahrenheit and the boost setting, which is higher, is set to 383 degrees Fahrenheit. Now while you can change either temperature setting to whatever you want so long as it falls within the confines of the Crafty’s temperature range, the idea here, we believe, is to offer a solid temperature at which to vape and a higher temperature for use with concentrates. The higher temperature is, from our perspective, also attractive in the sense that it can be used near the end of a session to squeeze the remainder out of the blend inserted before calling it quits.

To change the temp, one actually needs to sync the vaporizer’s app with the vape itself. Once synced, the temperatures of both settings can be changed.

Size wise, this is one of the larger portables, according to our analysis of some of the more popular portables that we’re aware of. According to, a website that publishes original reviews of vaporizers and their accessories, it’s actually more than twice the size of the Pax 3, which is the latest in the Pax series of portable vaporizers.

Crafty Reviews

Looking at the reviews from some of the biggest names in the vaporizer review scene, we see that the Crafty is undoubtedly a well liked vaporizer. Vaping Daily rated it at 85% in their review, which we assume to be approximately the equivalent to a B-rating. Vaporizer Wizard rated it a 9.3 out of 10, which is basically an A-rating. Toronto Vaporizer gave it a 9 out of 10 while noting that it’s expensive, but “awesome.” rated it a 9.2 out of 10 in their review, in which they noted that it’s “a little beast” that produces vapor on par with or better than most high-end desktop vaporizers. And Vaporizer Shark, who we just mentioned above, gave it a rating of 92%, noting that its vapor production is “literally the best” that they’ve come across in a portable vaporizer.

So what is, if anything, the big drawback with this vape? According to some of the reviewers, it’s the size. And for others, the length of the battery life. Having a somewhat short battery life is, in our eyes, a drawback. But in the case of the Crafty, it’s somewhat of a non-issue thanks to the technology that it uses to charge, which is USB. So long as you have a portable battery pack, you can plug it in and keep it charged. And seeing as there are numerous portable USB power stations to choose from, including one made by Storz & Bickel, it shouldn’t prove difficult to users of the Crafty to keep their vape charged at all times. Outside of these two complaints, the consensus among reviewers seems pretty clear: the Crafty is a good vaporizer, but expensive and a bit larger than some might prefer. But is it really that expensive? According to our own analysis, our answer would have to be “not really.” Some of the reviewers that we’ve referenced were published some time ago and were, we’re guessing here, not updated to reflect the changes in price that Storz & Bickel has enacted. Today, the Crafty is considerably less expensive than when it first came out. These days, it’s actually, given all that it entails, quite reasonably priced for a top of the line portable vaporizer, assuming that’s what it is as far as quality goes.


Here’s a Crafty vaporizer video created and shared on YouTube by Got Vape, one of the most well known retailers and distributors of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories.

What do you think? Does the Crafty sound like a solid vaporizer that’s worth buying? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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