Pax Era Vaporizer Pods Are Now For Sale In Washington State

Pax Era vaporizer pods are now on sale in the state of Washington thanks to Pax Labs, their manufacturer, and Avitas Agriculture, the state’s leading extraction company.

The Pax Era, designed for extracts, is only compatible with its own pods, the Pax Era Pods. It’s cordless and compact, which is why it’s classified as a portable. And as far as we can tell, it’s manufacturer, Pax Labs, does not sell the pods that it’s designed to work with. Which, perhaps, is why the company has teamed up with Avitas to distribute their product throughout Washington.

Together, the two have brought the Pax Era and its coveted pods to the state. The pods, thanks to Avitas, are filled with what company co-founder Adam Smith described as their own “full spectrum CO2 oil.” The combination? A game changer for the vapor industry, according to Smith.

“This device coupled with our full spectrum CO2 oil in PAX Era pods, changes the vaporizing game (…) It gives users complete control over their vaping experience, and is the perfect delivery device for our extracts.”

Avitas uses its own proprietary extraction methodology to produce its full spectrum extracts. Their process, by their own account, ensures that their extracts are always full flavor and effect. All of their initial material is derived from a single source and all batches undergo testing for pesticides prior to going through the extraction process. In other words, in the words of co-founder Adam Smith to be specific, their extracts are “100% pure.”

“…100% pure, from the plants to the cartridge -gold in, gold out.”

The pods went on sale at select stores August 31, 2017. As far as we’re aware, they are still on sale today.

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