Arizer’s Extreme Q Gets Reviewed By Vaporizer Shark

Is it news when a vaporizer gets reviewed? It is when it’s that’s behind the review. Why? Because Vaporizer Shark is one of the most thorough reviewers of vaporizer products, be it grinders or vaporizers, portables or desktops – they review it all and when they do, they always make a point to do so comprehensively. Or at least, that’s what we’ve gathered from the reviews of theirs we’ve seen thus far. And is their new Extreme Q review any exception? Certainly not. It, like all of the other reviews of theirs we’ve seen, is nothing short of comprehensive. In discusses the EQ in great depth, everything from its construction and warranty to temperature and accessories. It’s all there. But what’s most interesting to us, and perhaps you’ll think the same, is their conclusion – just what they think about the Arizer Extreme Q.'s Arizer Extreme Q Review
This is a screen shot of the Arizer Extreme Q review on

While it’s not a new vaporizer, it is a popular one and from what we’ve gathered from Vaporizer Shark’s review, it would appear as if its popularity is not undeserved as it not only offers the traditional vapor delivery method that is the whip, but it also offers the balloon in a fashion somewhat similar to the Volcano vaporizers. Plus, there’s its obvious aesthetic appeal (it even has a cool blue light that glows beneath it) and its lower than you’d probably expect cost. Options, accessories, digital temperature controls, and a low price tag? It’s not hard to see why the reviewers at Vaporizer Shark like it so much. Given all that entails, it certainly does seem like a bargain. But just how well does it work? According to the Shark, it works better than you might expect. Not quite as good as the more expensive Volcano Vaporizer, but better than vapes like the original Pax by Ploom, according to their vape ratings that is.

So what is it that the Extreme Q really offers and who is this Arizer company that makes it? Well, answering these questions in reverse, Arizer is a vaporizer and vaporizer accessories manufacturer based in Canada and amongst serious vapers, their name is well known. One of their other vapes, the Arizer Solo, is one of the more popular portable vaporizers to have ever been released. We don’t see much in way of marketing behind it, but it doesn’t seem to need it because the consensus among vapers is clear: it’s a good one. The Extreme Q, much like the Solo Vaporizer, also has its own following of steadfast supporters who swear by it and Vaporizer Shark is one of them as they make clear in their review that it’s definitely one of the winners as far as desktop vaporizers go. Its balloon delivery might not be on par with the Volcano’s, but it makes up for it in other ways – such as its remote control. Have you ever even seen a vaporizer with a remote? If you haven’t, that’s probably reason enough to check out the EQ. But there’s another reason why so many vapers have a soft spot in their heart for it and that’s because it’s an affordable introductory vaporizer that’s, according to Vaporizer Shark, great for beginners. But not just novices will enjoy it as Vaporizer Shark claims that experienced vapers will also find it enjoyable, particularly those who are on a budget. Given how much it offers for how cheap it costs, it’s not hard to see how the Shark’s perspective. And given that it offers whips and bags, it’s not hard to see why novices can greatly benefit from it as it provides a relatively inexpensive opportunity to try both methods of delivery before taking the plunge and buying an expensive vape that provides only one delivery method.

Back to this remote we mentioned earlier. The remote control for the EQ is one of those features that’s too obvious to overlook, as you just don’t see remote controls coupled with vaporizers every day. This is a rarity and something that we ourselves can definitely appreciate after a long day of doing whatever it is we do. The ability to sit back, relax, and control your vape from afar? Excellent. And if that wasn’t enough, it actually brings some features to the table that the EQ’s users would otherwise miss, such as its ability to jump quickly to preset temperatures. But with all the features and all of the settings to adjust, it’s easy to see how one could get lost in all that the EQ has to offer. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy vaporizer to use, at least that’s our take after having used it ourselves for some odd years now.

When it comes to controlling the different aspects of the vape, be it the vaping temperature or the fan speed, the EQ has you covered. It allows for the temperature to be adjusted across a broad range and for the fan speed to be selected from four different presets.

According to Vaporizer Shark’s review, it takes “about 3 minutes for it to fully heat up.” While this might be terrible in terms of portable vaporizer heat up times, it is, to us, completely acceptable for a desktop – especially a nice desktop vape like this one.

To learn more about the Arizer Extreme Q and to see just how well it stacks up against the other vapes reviewed by Vaporizer Shark, be sure to take a look at their review, which you can click here to read.

In other vape news coverage here on of Vaporizer Shark, we recently covered the publication of their new Digital Volcano review. And not long before that, we covered the launch of their website, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Storz & Bickel Slashes Prices, Mighty Vaporizer Price Drops To All New Low

The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has seen its price reduced yet again. In recent times, it saw its price drop from a whopping $449 to $399 and then it saw its price reduced a second time, dropping its cost all the way down to $349.

*The numbers above are approximate (not exact). Add $0.99 to each number to calculate the exact amount.

This translates into a $50 price drop the first time around, which was followed by yet another $50 price drop. At this point, the Mighty Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel’s incredibly powerful, ultra high-end portable vape, has had its price slashed by $100 — no coupon required.

Cheapest Mighty Vape Price
This is a screen capture of the cheapest Mighty Vape price we’ve seen on the official Storz & Bickel online store. Dated 7/16/2017. Credit:


While we’re speculating here, it would appear as if the folks at Storz & Bickel, makers of such hits as the Volcano and Plenty, really listen to what the vaping community has to say. We derive this from the fact that more than a few complained openly about the high price tag of the Mighty before they began to slash the cost to the consumer by reducing their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), which seems to be strictly enforced by the German-based company from what we’ve been able to gather.

This price drop actually comes as a bit of a surprise to us given the company’s track record of maintaining the costs of their products, particularly their world renown balloon vapes, the Volcano vaporizers.

Why do you think Storz & Bickel decided to drop the price on the Mighty, not once but twice? Could it be that they’re trying to unload as many as possible before they unveil their next vaporizer? Could it be that there’s another Storz & Bickel portable vaporizer around the corner? At this point, your guess is as good as ours because we have yet to receive any confirmation of any new vapes coming out of Storz & Bickel, although we certainly wouldn’t put it passed them to have something up their sleeves.

More About The Mighty

The Mighty vape, as some like to refer to it, is a portable vaporizer with a digital temperature control system that, like the Volcano’s, is accurate and easy to use. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it has received high ratings from various reviewers.

Where To Find The Best Price

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for the best deal you can find on the Mighty vape and from what we can tell, this authorized retailer here has the best price at this time as it matches what we see on the manufacturer’s website as well as the other major online authorized retailers. When you buy the Mighty from an authorized retailer, you can rest assured that it will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you buy it elsewhere, you may run the risk of accidentally buying a fake/counterfeit.

Vaporizer Shark Calls Digital Volcano ‘The Best Desktop Vaporizer’ In New Review

We know we mentioned this before in our earlier coverage of’s launch, but we find ourselves compelled to say it again after having checked out their new review of the Digital Volcano Vaporizer: Vaporizer Shark offers some of, if not THE, most insightful vaporizer reviews that those of us at Vaporizer Wire have ever seen. And perhaps unsurprisingly to some, their new Volcano Vaporizer review is no exception as it covers virtually every aspect of the popular desktop vape from a perspective exhibiting nothing short of great expertise. Needless to say, we are impressed.'s Digital Volcano Review
This is a screen capture of the Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review on

In their review, they can’t help but note the vape’s relatively high cost while pointing out the fact that such a high price tag actually prevents some would-be owners from acquiring it, or at least acquiring new through traditional means. But outside of this drawback and the fact that it, like most if not all vapes, must be cleaned somewhat regularly, they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. A vaporizer without fault? Apparently so, or at least such is the case according to Vaporizer Shark’s vaporizer reviewers. While we’re not going to speculate on whether or not their assessment is, in our opinion, an accurate one, we will say that there’s no question about it and that the consensus amongst vapers is clear: the Digit (the name by which Storz & Bickel, makers of the Volcano vaporizers, refers to the Digital Volcano) is clearly one of the best desktop vaporizers around. And in contrast to some vapes which quickly rise in popularity upon their release and then lose the interest of consumers just as quickly, the Digit, like its predecessor, the original Volcano Vaporizer, has managed to maintain widespread popularity even after all these years. And for those who don’t realize just how long the Volcano vapes have been around, yes, they have literally been on the market for years at this point, which is actually a really long time in terms of vape years given that the industry is still so new.

At this point, from what we’ve gathered analyzing Vaporizer Shark’s website, the Volcano Digit is their highest rated vaporizer at this time – and this include both portable vaporizers as well as desktop vaporizers that they’ve reviewed. So while they tout it as “the best desktop vaporizer” in their new review, it’s technically their highest rated vaporizer. Which, we assume, would make it the absolute best vaporizer that they’ve reviewed, at least thus far. What do you think, is the Digit really the best vape on the market? While we’ll leave that question for you to answer for yourself, we will tell you a bit about what makes it such an intriguing piece of vape technology. For starters, it, well, the originally technically, introduced the idea of vaporizer balloons to the masses. Not only that, it also made vaping fun, or at least, it sure did for us. Before it, the vaporizers were less than impressive. But when it hit shelves, suddenly there was this idea, the idea of vaping, and it was less of a novelty and more of a practical reality. There it was, a vaporizer that you could actually use and enjoy using – working so well that those of us here a Vaporizer Wire suddenly knew that vaping wasn’t just a fad, it was something very real: an alternative to smoking. Is it healthier? While some studies say yes and some studies say no, the release of the Volcano cemented vaping into the history books. It helped breathe new life into an infantile industry and now we’re here, years later, and vaping is still around. In fact, the vaporizer industry is flourishing, which you may have gathered from the vaping contests, the prevalence of vape shops, and so forth. Clearly, vaping has become incredibly popular in a short amount of time and frankly speaking, the Volcano had a lot to do with it.

“This is quite literally the best desktop vaporizer on the market.”

The original, the Classic version of the Volcano, just had a little analog dial that one could turn to adjust the temperature. It didn’t and doesn’t still offer a display, whereas the new version, the Digit that Vaporizer Shark just reviewed, has a big bright display that shows the current temperature as well as the temperature that the user has programmed in (known as the “set temperature”). In order to change the temperature, the user need only press the up and down temperature buttons to adjust it to their liking. With such a simple temperature control system, it’s really no surprise to us that the Digit has proven to be such a success. Well, that and the fact that it’s otherwise basically the same as the original, which is itself clearly an incredible vaporizer. But temperature controls probably aren’t what most of you find fascinating so long as they’re easy to use and they work as intended, which is the case with the Volcano’s. More likely, you’re interested in the variable that first set it apart from the crowd: its balloons.

The balloons, which are also referred to as vaporizer bags, are what the Volcano uses to capture the vapor that it produces. Once captured within a bag, the vapor is stored and can be used at one’s leisure. While we don’t mean that you can store it for any kind of extended period of time, we do mean that you can somewhat casually inhale it, as opposed to inhaling it as it’s being produced, which is what one does with the traditional “whip” (a tube or hose) delivery method. And for those who like to relax while they partake, it’s definitely not a bad way to go about it. By creating a mouthpiece that attaches to the balloon that acts as a valve that opens when the mouthpiece is pressed to one’s lips, Storz & Bickel ensured that virtually anybody could use the Volcano without putting much, if any, thought into it. Just press it against your lips and the valve opens, inhale and when you’re done, just take your lips off of it and closes right back up. This extremely intuitive and convenient way of delivering vapor has become so popular since the Volcano’s release that more than a couple of vaporizer manufacturers have attempted to, at least to some degree, mimic it. But as far as we are aware, none have managed to trump Storz & Bickel’s Volcano vaporizers in this regard, at least not as far as the vaporizer review crowd’s findings are concerned.

Back to Vaporizer Shark’s review of the Digital Volcano, what their team has done is gone ahead and compile what is quite possibly all of the information one might find of interest in pertinence to the Digit and published it all within their extremely comprehensive review. In addition, they’ve included tips on how to use it, information about how they like to use it, what it’s capable of, how to choose between the two different valve types offered, and comparisons. Perhaps most interesting to those who are seriously considering buying it are the comparisons in which they stack the Digit up against the likes of some of the most popular and formidable opponents, which include the Extreme Q by Arizer, the viVape 2 by Vaporfection, and more. To learn more about the Digit and to find out exactly what the folks at Vaporizer Shark think about it, be sure to check out their review!

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New Report Ranks Virginia Beach The Best U.S. City For Vaping

What’s the best city in the United States for vaping? According to a new study conducted by D.C.-based public policy research organization R Street, the answer is Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Their study, which you can find here, rates the city of Virginia Beach a 97. This “Vapescore,” as they call it, translates into essentially what is an A+ rating, Southside Daily notes in a report. The reason for this, according to study authors Dan Semelsberger and Cameron Smith, is that “the city embraces policies conducive to tobacco harm reduction.” Subsequently, Virginia Beach is the only city in the study to have ranked above 95.

The study’s authors cite a State Supreme Court ruling from 2010 indicating that e-cigs don’t actually fall under the tobacco product category.

What do you think, do you agree with the study’s authors? Is Virginia Beach really the best city for vaping?

In other news, e-cigarette company Halo recently ranked Boston, Massachusetts the least vape-friendly city in the United States.

(Featured image via Pixabay)

Gizmodo Review Editor Praises Joyetech’s eGo AIO As The ‘Perfect Vape’ For Neophytes

The new leak-proof eGo AIO vape by Joyetech is an inexpensive portable vaporizing solution (just $25) and according to Gizmodo review editor Alex Cranz, it’s the “perfect vape” for beginner vapers. But the story doesn’t end there. If it did, this new vape sure would sound wonderful. But according to Cranz, the eGo AIO “is a lousy vape” when it comes to producing massive clouds of vapor. The reason for this, according to Cranz, is at least in part due to the fact that it does not allow for its temperature to be adjusted. While this might make usage straight forward and simple, it’s definitely a downside for experienced vapers who are looking for the almighty clouds that some modern vaporizers are capable of producing. Or in other words, don’t expect to be competing, or at least winning, any vaping competitions with the new eGo AIO because it just won’t cut it.

All this aside, with a low price tag and easy to use interface, it’s not hard to see why some beginners might gravitate towards this new vape pen. According to Cranz, it’s worth waiting for it to show up in the mail if your alternative is a vape starter kit sourced from a local retailer like a corner store or a gas station. But we’re not here to review it, so we’ll leave that for you to decide. Or you can just take Cranz at her word. Up to you.

As far as appearance goes, you might not find it to be the most sneaky or stealth vaporizer out there so if you’re expecting to be vaping in public without drawing any attention to yourself, this might not be the way to go. If you don’t care what people think when you’re ripping your vape, you probably won’t have any issues with its relatively sleek and modern appearance.

For coils, this vape uses special ones that, according to Cranz, you’ll likely have to buy over the web. If this isn’t a big deal for you, which it probably wouldn’t be for us, you won’t have to fret because you should have easy to access to replacement coils so long as you don’t mind waiting for them to show up in the mail.

(Image via Pixabay)

Vaporizer Shark Hits The Web With Comprehensive Vape Reviews

Shark In Water

While there are obviously more than a few vaporizer reviewers out there sharing their thoughts with the world at large via the web, Vaporizer Shark has quickly managed to set itself apart from the rest of the crowd by covering vaporizers and their related accessories in such a comprehensive fashion that you might actually find it hard to take in. Which is why they’ve added a quick review summary to each and every single one of their reviews. By doing so, readers can quickly cut to the meat of the review and get in and out with the information they need to make an informed decision in less time than it takes to tie a shoe. But for us, we can’t help but appreciate the depth of their reviews as they cover aspects that other reviewers simply ignore in their own assessments. If we were to use one word to describe what Vaporizer Shark brings to the table, that word would be “invaluable.” As in, Vaporizer Shark is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in vaping and particularly those looking for a new vape.

Their History

When it comes to their mission, Vaporizer Shark’s intent is quite clear. Their goal, according to the About page on their website, is to help the vaping community at large by providing “accurate and reliable information” pertaining to vaporizers and their accessories.

“…an online resource filled with accurate and reliable information pertaining to vapes, vape accessories, and related products.”

Reiterating this point in what is perhaps a more precise fashion, their website states that their mission entails the provision of “accurate” and “easy to understand information” intended to provide the vaping community with the information necessary “to make informed decisions” when it comes to vaporizers and their accessories. Ultimately, helping answer the question, “which vaporizer is best?” So if you want to know what the best vape is, you’ll definitely want to take the time to flip through their site and see what they have to offer.

Their Vaporizer Reviews

Examining their recently published DaVinci IQ review, what we find is an absolutely overwhelming amount of information about the new portable vaporizer, but the way that it’s organized and the fact that they’ve opted to include a “Speed Review” summarizing the in-depth review makes it surprisingly easy to take from it what you need without spending too much time reading. To us, this comes off as an excellent way to convey one’s thoughts on a given vape, in this case the new IQ. When we really take a look at the information contained within the review, it’s nothing short of impressive. There’s virtually no aspect left untouched as it’s all there – everything from information about the temperature and vapor quality to the heat up time and construction materials used to create it.

Vaporizer Shark's Website
This screen shot of the website shows the “Speed Review” section of their DaVinci IQ vaporizer review.

Looking at the different aspects covered in a little more depth as it pertains to their IQ review, they cover the IQ’s battery life, its temperature range, temperature controls, various features, weight, size, portability, problems (known issues), accessories like the Hydro Adapter that allows for the integration of a water filter like the Honeybird Core, construction materials, cleaning, maintenance, usage tips, warranty, app, and as if that wasn’t enough, they even offer comparisons to other popular and comparable vapes. That last little bit is something we find to be particularly fascinating because knowing that a vaporizer is good isn’t always enough, especially when you’re trying to decide between a number of good vapes. So kudos to them for making a point to include a vaporizer comparison segment to their vape reviews. In the case of the IQ, they compare it to such reputable vapes as the Pax 3, Firefly 2, Crafty, Mighty, and more. So if you need to know how it stacks up against some of the most popular and powerful vapes on the market, you’ll definitely want to take the time to sift through their comparisons.

Rating System

While the intricacies of their system of rating vaporizers and their accessories is unclear, what is clear is that they obviously put some serious effort into assessing the various aspects of the products they test and review in order to come up with their ratings – an assumption we derive from the extremely comprehensive and clearly very insightful nature of their reviews. It’s likely a given that they take into account such factors as the quality of vapor, usability, construction, cost, and so on when calculating their ratings. And in the end, they take all of this and turn it into an easy to understand number, well, technically a percentage but in essence, just a number that rates the product on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 obviously being the highest possible rating/score a product can receive. In the case of the IQ, while this is certainly subject to change without our awareness, Vaporizer Shark has given it an overall rating of 92 percent.

Vape News Coverage

In what seems to be direct competition to our own site here at, the folks at Vaporizer Shark also cover vape news. Seeing as we’d obviously prefer to keep you in our own pocket, following us for all of your vaping news, we’re not going to tout their coverage of the vaporizing industry too much here other than to say that, like us, they too cover vaping news. But it’s not really what they specialize in. What they specialize in is clearly vaporizer reviews. And for that, they do an excellent job of breaking things down and laying it all out in an easy to understand fashion.

Vaping Guides

This is an area where we haven’t seen as much information compiled in one place as we’d like. When it comes to vape guides, you’re stretched between various sites, everything from forums to manufacturer’s websites and so on, but it’d obviously be better if all of this information was contained within one place. For which reason, search engines like Google prove to be invaluable resources for those looking for information on vaping, but it looks like Vaporizer Shark is looking to bring an end to this practice of scouring the web via search engines by simply compiling all of the information in one place – their website.

Where To Find Them

While Vaporizer Shark can be found on various social networks, like Instagram and Twitter, all roads eventually lead to their website, – that’s where you’ll find all of their reviews, guides, news, and whatever else they care to share with the world at large. So if you’re looking for what might very well be the most comprehensive vape reviews on the web, you know where to find them! And for clarity’s sake, seeing as we simply plugged their social network profiles via links above, their Instagram and Twitter handles are both @VaporizerShark. Follow them, who knows what they’ll share next.

In other news, recently launched its brand new vaporizer site that, much like Vaporizer Shark, covers a range of vape related topics ranging from reviews and news to guides and general information.

(Featured image via Pixabay)

Boston Ranked Least Friendly City For Vaping By E-Cigarette Company Halo

The City of Boston, MA

Massachusetts has been ranked the least friendly city to vape, according to new research by e-cigarette company Halo.

In order to reach their conclusion, Halo examined the laws regulating e-cigarettes in the top 300 largest U.S. cities. Based on their data, they found that Massachusetts actually has more vaping restrictions, 116, than any other state they examined. As Metro Boston’s Erin Tiernan pointed out, a lot of laws regulating e-cigs in Mass. were enacted in an attempt to place the electronic vaporization devices out of the reach of teenagers.

Looking at the vape shops they found listed on Yelp and city population data, Halo determined that the city of Boston has just over one and a half vape shops per 100,000 residents — 1.52 to be exact. That is, according to Halo’s research.

Are you surprised by the results of their analysis?

(Featured image via Pixabay) Launches New Website For Vaporizer Reviews

Vape Guide ( Website

For all those out there who are still trying to decide what the best vape is, there’s a new web-based resource to help you find what you need and it’s called

Their mission, according to their website, is “to test, rate, review, and compare vaporizers in order to determine the best vaporizers for every occasion.”

“Our mission is simple: to test, rate, review, and compare vaporizers in order to determine the best vaporizers for every occasion.”

Their Vaporizer Reviews

There website features vaporizer reviews composed by their staff, which offer ratings, photos, and insights such as technical details, benefits, and downsides.

Vaporizer Ratings On
This criteria was used by to rate and review one of the vaporizers they tested. It includes such variables as vapor quality, portability, battery life, features, appearance, and price.

Currently, their reviews cover a wide range of vaporizers spanning from desktops and plugins like the Digital Volcano and Extreme Q to portables like the Pax 3, DaVinci IQ, Arizer Air, Crafty and Mighty. Here’s a brief and notably incomplete list of some of the vaporizers they’ve reviewed:

  • Arizer Air
  • Extreme Q
  • Digital Volcano
  • Wulf Vape Classic Tundra
  • Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate
  • Puffit 2
  • Puffit X
  • GoBoof Alfa
  • Wulf Vape SX
  • Pax Vaporizer
  • Pax 2
  • Pax 3
  • IQ Vaporizer
  • Ascent
  • Vapir Prima
  • Summit+
  • MiVape
  • Firefly Vaporizer
  • Firefly 2
  • G-Pen Elite

How They Rate And Review Vaporizers

During their review process, examines and rates factors such as vapor quality, portability, price, features, and appearance. Each variable is rated on a 10-point scale, with 10 being the highest possible rating a vaporizer can receive.

At this time, there are no vaporizers, neither portable nor plugin, that are rated a perfect ten on their website but we imagine that could change at any time.

What Else They Do

In addition to testing, rating, and reviewing vapes of varying sorts, also offers vaping guides as well as vaporizer industry news. But while they do offer news, we of course suggest that you stick with us ( when it comes to keeping you up to speed with the vapor scene via our regularly published vaping news updates.

Below is a little video intro that they’ve shared on their YouTube channel which shows off their logo in what seems to a manner quite befitting of a vaporizer review site.

Like many in the vape scene, maintains a presence across various social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. If you want to learn more about them or see what they have to offer, you can click here to visit their website.

Vape Trends Infographic: United States And Global Vaping Trend Analysis

Ever wonder just how much interest there is in vaping? You’re certainly not the only one. We ourselves were also interested in seeing just how much interest folks around the United States and abroad have in the rapidly growing vape scene so we did some research and produced this vape trends infographic.

Vape Trends Infographic
This infographic illustrates just how much interest has grown in the vape scene, both in the United States and abroad. ©

Sharing This Infographic

If you’d like to share this vape infographic, we ask only that you provide us with a link back to our website!

Vape Keyword Trends

In our research, we explored the trends behind a variety of search phrases (keywords) pertaining to vaping, which we explored via Google Trends – a tool that allowed us to examine just how much interest has grown over the years.

As you can see from our research, the big keyword people were searching for was “vaporizer” up until a few years ago. This was quickly replaced with searches for the keyword “vape,” a possible indicator of the masses at large adopting new terminology. As it stands, the prominent keyword is no longer vaporizer, but vape. But on social media, the prominent hashtag remains vaporizer, although this could quickly change – if it hasn’t already.

International Vaping Hot Spots

While the United States is by far the most popular place to vape, others are not close behind, according to our research. Behind the U.S. is the Philippines and next on the list is the United Kingdom (UK). Following the U.K. comes Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, and then Canada. Ranked in order of popularity in an easier to grasp format, here’s a list starting with the most popular at number one:

  1. United States (USA)
  2. Philippines
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Ireland
  5. Malaysia
  6. Australia
  7. Canada

Vaping Popularity Across The U.S.

In the U.S., the primary hot spot, according to our data, is Los Angeles, California. Following L.A. is San Francisco, California. But while the top two spots are clearly major cities in California, the rest of the top 10 most popular cities to vape in across the U.S., with the exception of one more, are not in the Golden State. At number three is Denver, Colorado, which is followed by Seattle, Washington. After that comes San Diego, California and then Austin, Texas. Following Austin is Portland, Oregon, which is trailed by New York City, New York. Next in line is a city which some may confuse for the Canadian city by the same name, Vancouver, but this Vancouver is actually located in the state of Washington. Last on the list is Chicago, Illinois. Here’s an easier to read list of the top 10 most popular U.S. cities to vape in:

  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. San Diego, CA
  6. Austin, TX
  7. Portland, OR
  8. New York City, NY
  9. Vancouver, WA
  10. Chicago, IL

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IQ Vaporizer Released By DaVinci After Three Years In Development

DaVinci, makers of the Ascent and self-titled DaVinci vaporizers, have released their latest innovation, the portable IQ vaporizer.

This new vape, which was developed over the course of three years, was first unveiled back in 2016. It offers vapor enthusiasts yet another option in a growing pool of portable vaporizers to choose from.

Designed for dried blends, not liquids or other concentrated blend types, the IQ has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Just last month, Forbes contributor Curtis Silver referred to it as “another great entry” into the vape marketplace that “is setting an early standard for a market that is just getting warmed up.”

One of the variables that really sets it apart from the rest of the portables that are out right now is its all-ceramic air path, which is literally the first of its kind. From where the air comes in to where the vapor exits, the entire pathway is 100% ceramic. This ensures that the vapor never touches any materials that are anything but inert, which as many vapers know, lends to the purity of the vapor produced. This is an area where DaVinci obviously knows what they’re doing, as it’s by no means the first time that the company has taken into careful consideration the materials used in the construction of their vaping product’s vapor pathway. The last example of this being the Ascent, which boasts an all-glass vapor path.

According to Cort Smith, DaVinci’s CEO, the company believes “in building from the inside out, focusing on premium  materials and precision engineering.” So it should come as no surprise that DaVinci took the materials used in the construction of the IQ’s vapor path into careful consideration during the design phase. As Smith said in a statement, the company recognizes that people simply do not want their vaping experience “tainted with metal or plastics” as “they want to taste exactly what they put into a product and nothing more.”

“At DAVINCI we believe in building from the inside out, focusing on premium materials and precision engineering. People don’t want their vaping experience tainted with metal or plastic tastes; they want to taste exactly what they put into a product and nothing more.”

As far as precision engineering goes, they’re not joking and the proof of which can be seen in their IQ’s impeccable ability to reach and maintain the desired vaporizing temperature with a level of accuracy that has proven difficult for more than a few portable vaporizers to match.

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