Could E-Cigs Be Bad For Your Heart Health?

While there is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that e-cigarettes are less harmful than the cigarettes they look to replace, could e-cigs themselves actually have a negative impact on the human heart? According to one new study, there’s a chance that that could very well be the case for nicotine infused e-cigarettes, but only those that dispense nicotine. The findings of this study, which was led by UCLA professor of medicine Dr. Holly Middlekauff, could pave the way for more research into the effects of nicotine on the heart.

Pulse (Heart Health)
Could vaping be bad for your heart? If you’re vaping nicotine, there’s a chance that doing so could be, or so a new study’s findings seem to suggest.

In the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Heart Associated, Middlekauff and her fellow research scientists examined 33 healthy individuals that neither smoked nor vaped, at least not currently. The study’s participants were then asked to puff on either a placebo containing no active ingredients, an electronic cigarette filled with a nicotine solution, or an e-cig containing no nicotine. And what did they find? They found that the e-cigs containing nicotine caused the user’s adrenaline levels to rise, leading the researchers to believe that there could be a correlation between nicotine and heart health – and not a good one at that.

Still, even with this in mind, Middlekauff can’t help but suggest based on the results of her prior research that smokers give up smoking for vaping, adopting e-cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes. But for those who neither smoke nor vape, it is perhaps best to keep it that way, at least that’s what her latest research seems to suggest. Or in her own words, Middlekauff, who was quoted by Time, said that for non-smokers, she “would strongly advise that you not start using e-cigarettes, because they are not harmless.”

“The way I think about it is that if you currently smoke tobacco cigarettes, switching to e-cigs may be a better choice, at least from the data we have (…) But if you don’t smoke at all, I would strongly advise that you not start using e-cigarettes, because they are not harmless.”

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Vape Trends Infographic: United States And Global Vaping Trend Analysis

Ever wonder just how much interest there is in vaping? You’re certainly not the only one. We ourselves were also interested in seeing just how much interest folks around the United States and abroad have in the rapidly growing vape scene so we did some research and produced this vape trends infographic.

Vape Trends Infographic
This infographic illustrates just how much interest has grown in the vape scene, both in the United States and abroad. ©

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Vape Keyword Trends

In our research, we explored the trends behind a variety of search phrases (keywords) pertaining to vaping, which we explored via Google Trends – a tool that allowed us to examine just how much interest has grown over the years.

As you can see from our research, the big keyword people were searching for was “vaporizer” up until a few years ago. This was quickly replaced with searches for the keyword “vape,” a possible indicator of the masses at large adopting new terminology. As it stands, the prominent keyword is no longer vaporizer, but vape. But on social media, the prominent hashtag remains vaporizer, although this could quickly change – if it hasn’t already.

International Vaping Hot Spots

While the United States is by far the most popular place to vape, others are not close behind, according to our research. Behind the U.S. is the Philippines and next on the list is the United Kingdom (UK). Following the U.K. comes Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, and then Canada. Ranked in order of popularity in an easier to grasp format, here’s a list starting with the most popular at number one:

  1. United States (USA)
  2. Philippines
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Ireland
  5. Malaysia
  6. Australia
  7. Canada

Vaping Popularity Across The U.S.

In the U.S., the primary hot spot, according to our data, is Los Angeles, California. Following L.A. is San Francisco, California. But while the top two spots are clearly major cities in California, the rest of the top 10 most popular cities to vape in across the U.S., with the exception of one more, are not in the Golden State. At number three is Denver, Colorado, which is followed by Seattle, Washington. After that comes San Diego, California and then Austin, Texas. Following Austin is Portland, Oregon, which is trailed by New York City, New York. Next in line is a city which some may confuse for the Canadian city by the same name, Vancouver, but this Vancouver is actually located in the state of Washington. Last on the list is Chicago, Illinois. Here’s an easier to read list of the top 10 most popular U.S. cities to vape in:

  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. San Diego, CA
  6. Austin, TX
  7. Portland, OR
  8. New York City, NY
  9. Vancouver, WA
  10. Chicago, IL

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