New Report Ranks Virginia Beach The Best U.S. City For Vaping

What’s the best city in the United States for vaping? According to a new study conducted by D.C.-based public policy research organization R Street, the answer is Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Their study, which you can find here, rates the city of Virginia Beach a 97. This “Vapescore,” as they call it, translates into essentially what is an A+ rating, Southside Daily notes in a report. The reason for this, according to study authors Dan Semelsberger and Cameron Smith, is that “the city embraces policies conducive to tobacco harm reduction.” Subsequently, Virginia Beach is the only city in the study to have ranked above 95.

The study’s authors cite a State Supreme Court ruling from 2010 indicating that e-cigs don’t actually fall under the tobacco product category.

What do you think, do you agree with the study’s authors? Is Virginia Beach really the best city for vaping?

In other news, e-cigarette company Halo recently ranked Boston, Massachusetts the least vape-friendly city in the United States.

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Indiana Vape Shops Worried New E-Liquid Regulations Might Kill Vaping Industry

In the state of Indiana, regulations governing e-liquid manufacturers kicked into effect back in July of 2015. As a result, some vape stores across the state found themselves concerned that the new regulations could kill the vaporizing industry across the state.

E-liquid, sometimes stylized “eLiquid,” is the liquid used in e-cigarettes. It is often composed of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, and various flavorings.

The new regulations specifically govern companies that manufacture e-liquids for sale in the state. Such companies were, as a result of the regulations, required to be certified by a security firm before July 1, 2015.

At the time the regulations were passed by state legislators, there was only one firm, Mulhaupt’s Inc, that was certified to approve e-liquid manufacturers. As a result, many cried foul as the regulations essentially turned Mulhaupt’s into the gatekeeper – a single security firm that would decide which companies would be allowed to sell their e-liquid concoctions in the state of Indiana.

Representative Kevin Mahan (R-Hartford City), the man who authored HB 1432, was quoted by JConline as having said that lawmakers “never intended to set up a monopoly”.

“We never intended to set up a monopoly”

As of January of 2017, the number of e-juice products sold across the state dropped from hundreds to seven.

Subsequently, many consumers are traveling to neighboring states to pickup their e-juices.

A vape store manager in Kentucky, Charity Hoggard with Nice Guy Vapes, echoed this notion as she quoted by JConline as having said that the regulation is “helping us out a lot but sucks for Indiana”.

“It’s helping us out a lot but sucks for Indiana”

What do you think of the e-liquid regulations in Indiana that have turned Mulhaupt’s into the state’s e-liquid gatekeeper? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.