Two Suspected Vape Shop Burglars Arrested In Alabama

Police in Mobile, Alabama have arrested two teenagers that they believe to be connected to a string of vape shop burglaries that took place across Mobile County. Some of the stores that were hit were robbed not once, but twice.

The two suspects arrested by the Mobile Police Department were identified by authorities in a press release as a 17-year-old juvenile whose name was withheld and 18-year-old Marco Perez.

Based on the account of the arresting police department, MPD officers responded to an alarm call from the Vape-It vape store located at 2502 Schillinger Road South at approximately 5:00 p.m. and when they arrived, they located the juvenile nearby. The juvenile indicated that he and another person had merely tapped on the shop’s glass. The officers later apprehended the second suspect, identified as Perez, at his place of residence.

A significant quantity of vape juice and other vaping accessories were recovered. According to the police, the suspects were stealing vape products in order to resell them on the streets. By their account, the stolen items that they managed to recover were worth a “few thousand dollars,” Fox 10 reported.

The pair were reportedly charged with six counts of third degree burglary and one count of attempted third degree burglary.

Authorities believe the pair to be behind the burglaries that occurred at Deep South Vape, Vaper’s Outpost, Up in Smoke, and Vapor Hut. In the case of Up in Smoke and Deep South Vape, both stores were burglarized not once, but twice.

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