Arizer’s Extreme Q Gets Reviewed By Vaporizer Shark

Is it news when a vaporizer gets reviewed? It is when it’s that’s behind the review. Why? Because Vaporizer Shark is one of the most thorough reviewers of vaporizer products, be it grinders or vaporizers, portables or desktops – they review it all and when they do, they always make a point to do so comprehensively. Or at least, that’s what we’ve gathered from the reviews of theirs we’ve seen thus far. And is their new Extreme Q review any exception? Certainly not. It, like all of the other reviews of theirs we’ve seen, is nothing short of comprehensive. In discusses the EQ in great depth, everything from its construction and warranty to temperature and accessories. It’s all there. But what’s most interesting to us, and perhaps you’ll think the same, is their conclusion – just what they think about the Arizer Extreme Q.'s Arizer Extreme Q Review
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While it’s not a new vaporizer, it is a popular one and from what we’ve gathered from Vaporizer Shark’s review, it would appear as if its popularity is not undeserved as it not only offers the traditional vapor delivery method that is the whip, but it also offers the balloon in a fashion somewhat similar to the Volcano vaporizers. Plus, there’s its obvious aesthetic appeal (it even has a cool blue light that glows beneath it) and its lower than you’d probably expect cost. Options, accessories, digital temperature controls, and a low price tag? It’s not hard to see why the reviewers at Vaporizer Shark like it so much. Given all that entails, it certainly does seem like a bargain. But just how well does it work? According to the Shark, it works better than you might expect. Not quite as good as the more expensive Volcano Vaporizer, but better than vapes like the original Pax by Ploom, according to their vape ratings that is.

So what is it that the Extreme Q really offers and who is this Arizer company that makes it? Well, answering these questions in reverse, Arizer is a vaporizer and vaporizer accessories manufacturer based in Canada and amongst serious vapers, their name is well known. One of their other vapes, the Arizer Solo, is one of the more popular portable vaporizers to have ever been released. We don’t see much in way of marketing behind it, but it doesn’t seem to need it because the consensus among vapers is clear: it’s a good one. The Extreme Q, much like the Solo Vaporizer, also has its own following of steadfast supporters who swear by it and Vaporizer Shark is one of them as they make clear in their review that it’s definitely one of the winners as far as desktop vaporizers go. Its balloon delivery might not be on par with the Volcano’s, but it makes up for it in other ways – such as its remote control. Have you ever even seen a vaporizer with a remote? If you haven’t, that’s probably reason enough to check out the EQ. But there’s another reason why so many vapers have a soft spot in their heart for it and that’s because it’s an affordable introductory vaporizer that’s, according to Vaporizer Shark, great for beginners. But not just novices will enjoy it as Vaporizer Shark claims that experienced vapers will also find it enjoyable, particularly those who are on a budget. Given how much it offers for how cheap it costs, it’s not hard to see how the Shark’s perspective. And given that it offers whips and bags, it’s not hard to see why novices can greatly benefit from it as it provides a relatively inexpensive opportunity to try both methods of delivery before taking the plunge and buying an expensive vape that provides only one delivery method.

Back to this remote we mentioned earlier. The remote control for the EQ is one of those features that’s too obvious to overlook, as you just don’t see remote controls coupled with vaporizers every day. This is a rarity and something that we ourselves can definitely appreciate after a long day of doing whatever it is we do. The ability to sit back, relax, and control your vape from afar? Excellent. And if that wasn’t enough, it actually brings some features to the table that the EQ’s users would otherwise miss, such as its ability to jump quickly to preset temperatures. But with all the features and all of the settings to adjust, it’s easy to see how one could get lost in all that the EQ has to offer. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy vaporizer to use, at least that’s our take after having used it ourselves for some odd years now.

When it comes to controlling the different aspects of the vape, be it the vaping temperature or the fan speed, the EQ has you covered. It allows for the temperature to be adjusted across a broad range and for the fan speed to be selected from four different presets.

According to Vaporizer Shark’s review, it takes “about 3 minutes for it to fully heat up.” While this might be terrible in terms of portable vaporizer heat up times, it is, to us, completely acceptable for a desktop – especially a nice desktop vape like this one.

To learn more about the Arizer Extreme Q and to see just how well it stacks up against the other vapes reviewed by Vaporizer Shark, be sure to take a look at their review, which you can click here to read.

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