Cloudious 9 Stuns And Awes With New Water Filtered Portable Vaporizer

Cloudious 9 is a vape startup that seemingly came out of nowhere with a water-filtered portable vaporizer that has left many reviewers with what is clearly a good impression, but it’s not all good, as some reviewers would have you think. Here’s a breakdown of some of the reviews we analyzed from some of the biggest names on the web.

Hydrology 9 Portable Water Filtered Vaporizer
This delightful looking water-filtered portable vaporizer is the Hydrology 9 by California-based vape startup Cloudious 9. (Credit: VapeWorld)

The Reviews

Daniel Starkey, writing for, called it an “elite entry to the vape tech list” that boasts a water filtration system that, in his opinion, “really works.”

After reviewing the company’s new water-filtered portable vaporizer, the Hydrology 9, Starkey summarized his experience with it as a vaporizer that “embodies high-quality design and engineering” at the “cost of portable and ease-of-use.” In other words, it’s a nice vape, but between its large (for a portable) size and various components, it’s certainly not the smallest, nor is it the easiest to put together and use.

As for the quality of the vapor it produces, Starkey, in his review, noted that it’s “remarkably smooth.”

Commenting on the Hydrology 9’s vapor, Nick Hastings, writing for Digital Trends, noted that its users get the cooling effect offered by a water pipe along with the “clean vapor of a vaporizer.”

Gizmodo contributor Mary Jane McWeedy, which we assume to be an alias, seemed to echo Starkey’s perception of the Hydrology 9’s vapor quality in writing that it’s “not only ridiculous, it’s smooth as hell.”

One takeaway from all this is that the vapor it produces, based on assessments of the aforementioned reviewers, is that the vapor it produces is undoubtedly smooth. A notion that is perhaps in no small part attributed to its built-in water filter.

And for those who look at it and wonder whether or not it can truly be carried around like a portable once filled with liquid, Gizmodo had this to say: “it didn’t spill a drop.” In other words, the leak-proof design really is just that – leak proof. Meaning, no matter which direction you tilt it, or even if it’s flipped upside-down, it won’t leak. And for a portable vaporizer chock full of electronics, that’s definitely a good thing.

As for aesthetics, which are perhaps less of a concern to users than overall quality, the Hydrology 9 vaporizer clearly has what vapers are looking for: a clean, classy, and vibrant design that says the future is here and it’s a portable vaporizer.

Hydrology 9 Information

This relatively new vape from Cloudious 9, a vape startup based in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, measures in at over 6.8 inches in length/height. Obviously, based on this alone, it’s not the smallest vape and it probably won’t fit in the average pocket, but for a backpack or similar, it probably won’t be a problem as far as storing and transporting are concerned.

The battery that powers it is a 2000 mAh lithium polymer that takes, according to its manufacturer, 2-3 hours to fully recharge and lasts for approximately 15 sessions.

As for its heat up time, its manufacturer claims that it takes approximately 60 seconds to heat up, or rather, to reach optimal heat – whatever that entails. In other words though, it takes about a minute to heat up.

Its oven, also known as the heating chamber, supports dry herbs, preferably ground, and is made out of food-grade porcelain. The mouthpiece is made from borosilicate glass and its body is crafted from space-grade anodized aluminum.

Reviews from customers who have purchased it directly from Cloudious 9’s online store have left it an accumulative rating of approximately 4.5 out of 5 stars on the manufacturer’s website.

It comes with the vaporizer itself, an AC adapter, charging cable, manual, and cleaning kit.

Where To Buy It

Cloudious 9 is currently selling it direct to consumers for $250 (USD), but VapeWorld, one of the top online vape shops in North America, is selling it for slightly less. You can click here to buy it from VapeWorld for $249, which is obviously only a dollar less, but it does come with a free 4-piece aluminum grinder as well when you buy it from them.

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