Dreamcore Enterprise Sued By Wrigley Over Juicy Fruit E-Juice

Dreamcore Enterprise, a vape company selling e-liquids, is being sued by Wrigley for infringing upon its Juicy Fruit trademark, or so Wrigley claims in court filings.

According to Wrigley’s complaint, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Dreamcore has infringed upon its Juicy Fruit trademark with its e-Liquid. Subsequently, the company is suing the e-liquid seller for federal trademark dilution, infringement, unfair competition, and for violating the deceptive trade practices act in the state of Illinois. Oh, and did we add they’re also suing them for common law trademark infringement? Yeah, there’s that too. And all of this comes after, according to Wrigley, they sent not one, but two cease-and-desist letters to Dreamcore, who is listed as the defendant in the lawsuit.

Speaking to Inside Counsel, Sherman & Howard law firm partner Jessica Stone Levy, who has extensive experience in intellectual property law, said that she’s “not at all surprised” to find that Wrigley has sued Dreamcore. She noted that Juicy Fruit “is undoubtedly a core asset of Wrigley’s trademark portfolio” as at least partial justification for their claim against Dreamcore.

“I am not at all surprised that Wrigley has brought this action (…) The Juicy Fruit mark is undoubtedly a core asset of Wrigley’s trademark portfolio, and Wrigley has to do whatever is necessary to prevent not only confusion as to its association or connection with e-cigarettes, but also to prevent harm to the public insofar as the use of its Juicy Fruit trademark on e-cigarettes communicates to the public that e-cigarettes are as harmless as chewing gum.”

How do you think this case will play out in court? Will a judge rule in favor of Wrigley or will Dreamcore somehow make their case and have the whole thing dismissed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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