Elderly Israeli Couple Arrested And Fined For E-Cig Violation In Thailand

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning to its citizens following the arrest of an elderly Israeli couple that were caught traveling with an electronic cigarette while in Thailand.

Electronic cigarettes have been banned in the country since 2014.

The ministry’s travel advisory warned Israeli travelers from entering Thailand with e-cigarettes, as those who are found in violation of the country’s e-cig ban could be “fined, tried and jailed,” according to the ministry.

“A person who is found violating this law might be fined, tried and jailed.”

Israeli news outlet Jerusalem Online reported that the couple was forced to pay the local authorities in Thailand a $1,200 fine for their offense.

The regulations on vaping and e-cigs vary greatly from country to country as well as on local levels, such as city and state. In the state of New York, vape use falls under the same category as cigarette use and is subsequently banned from public outdoor places and more. In Australia, it’s illegal to use an e-cig or similar device with nicotine without a doctor’s prescription.

Make sure you you always check the local vape laws for any place you intend on visiting. And if e-cigs are banned, it’s likely in your best interest to refrain from bringing one along for the ride.

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