High Time Publishes Top 10 Best Desktop Vaporizers List

High Times magazine writer Ab Hanna has put together a list of what he thinks are the best desktop vaporizers of 2017 and you might be surprised to find which plugin vapes he’s included in the list – we know we were.

10. Hot Box Vaporizer

At the number ten spot on the list, the worst of the best, is the Hot Box Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors. It’s not new, that much is for sure. And it doesn’t offer anything particularly fascinating outside of its aesthetic appeal. To some, it might look like an interesting piece of art displayed proudly on a tabletop, but to others – it’s an easy to use desktop vaporizer that turns on with the flip of a switch. It’s a relatively standard approach to the whip vaporizer system, only with an artsy edge that we think might appeal to those who have a taste for technology and simplicity with a splash of modernism.

Unlike some of the other desktop vaporizers on this list, the Hot Box has just one temperature option. As a result, it’s hard not to intuitively know how to operate it. Plug it in, turn it on, pack it up, and inhale when ready.

9. E-Nano

The E-Nano brings vaporizers back down to earth with its earthy wooden design that does away with the digital screen and instead opts for a rotary dial (knob) that allows its user to quickly adjust its temperature. It incorporates a hard-wood shell and comes with a nice sack that you can use to store the vape along with all of its components. This little plugin vape by Epic Vape may very well be a hippie’s dream manifested into reality. If you’re looking for something hi-tech, this probably isn’t it – but if it’s something simple that’ll blend well with your living room, this might be just what the doctor ordered.

8. Extreme Q

Arizer is a vaporizer manufacturer that has done well to make a name for itself over the now numerous years that the company has been around making vapes. The Extreme Q may very well be one of the company’s most well known products. It’s a desktop vaporizer with a sharp aesthetic that’s clean, black, and glowing. And by glowing, we do mean all of the blue lights on it – from its digital display to its soft lighting underneath.

It has multiple fan speeds, a wide range of heat settings, and quite a few more features that are perhaps unnecessary, but pretty cool all the same (like its remote control). For the vaper who wants a vaporizer that does it all, the Extreme Q may very well be the answer. It’s capable of filling balloons of vapor, delivering vapor through a whip, or even dumping it carelessly into the room via its glass aromatherapy dish attachment.

7. Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Moving down the list we run into the Silver Surfer vape, or SSV for short, which is one of 7th Floor’s crowning achievements in the vaping industry. This vape has been around a while and offers a unique take on what the vaporizer should entail through its seemingly endless customization options. It incorporates hand-blown glass and it has proven itself to be a tried and true favorite amongst vapor connoisseurs. Hanna likes it for its glass-on-glass design, which he claims to be “ideal for producing purer flavor.”

SSV’s are handmade and tested in Colorado, the same state in which 7th Floor is based.

6. VapirRise 2.0

Based on our own assessment, the VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate is Vapir’s answer to Arizer’s Extreme Q. Like the EQ, it too can fill bags, deliver through a whip, and has digital temperature controls. But unlike the EQ it seems to be intent on competing with, it has an uncommon feature that really does well to set it apart from the rest of the crowd: a multi-user adapter that splits the hose/whip into four separate lines. This little feature allows the Rise to be used in a similar fashion to a hookah, for which some have subsequently decided to refer to it as an e-hookah.

5. Vapolution 3

Here’s a vaporizer that we were a little surprised to find on this list, much like the Hot Box. This is the latest version of the Vapolution vaporizer and it boasts an air/vapor path that is constructed from 100% glass. By Hanna’s account, it’s only real downside is its glass mouthpiece’s fragility and the fact that it must be replaced if broken before the vape can be used again.

One of the more intriguing aspects of this model is its glass water filter attachment that allows for an added water filtration element to be incorporated into the vaping process.

4. Zephyr Ion

The Ion Vaporizer by Zephyr Vaporizers is one of the most expensive vaporizer we’ve ever seen. It has a price tag that puts it in the realm of the Volcano vaporizers and like the Volcano vapes, it too can fill a bag with vapor. It’s designed for dry herbs as well as concentrates and by Hanna’s account, its vapor production and quality “is on par with some of the top-tier desktop vaporizers.”

The only downsides, according to Hanna, are its loud internal fan and necessity for replacement bags. Run out of bags and the fun ends.

3. Herbalizer

This is a vaporizer that made quite a bit of noise when it was first introduced. These days, we don’t see too much chatter about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still one of the best desktops on the market. By Hanna’s assessment, its convenience and versatility are world class. And by our account, its price tag is incredibly hefty – right up there with the Digital Volcano (Digit).

As everything it requires can be tucked away inside of the vape, which opens up like a panini press, Hanna believes it to be “the best desktop vaporizer when it comes to portability.” As for its performance, he says to expect “consistent delivery” and “powerful vaporization.”

On the downside, he notes the high price and the durability of the bags, which, by his assessment, aren’t quite as durable as the bags offered by some of the other balloon vaporizers currently on the market.

2. Volcano Vaporizer (Classic)

After having been on the market for nearly two decades following its release in 2000, the Volcano Vaporizer is still topping the lists of reviewers’ best desktop vaporizers and Hanna’s list is no different as the original Volcano ranks number two on the list.

Like some of the other desktop vapes on this list of the High Times best desktop vapes, the Volcano Classic is designed to fill bags with vapor. In fact, it’s the original. This is where it all started. The world’s first balloon vaporizer and the one that helped launch Storz & Bickel to the heights of vaping stardom that few have achieved, all while giving the industry itself a nudge in the right direction – or perhaps more than a nudge.

One thing that the Volcano can’t do though is deliver vapor through a whip. It also lacks proper digital temperature controls and instead makes due with a dial/knob that can be turned to adjust the temperature.

Hanna calls this one “one of the best desktop vaporizers even in 2017.”

By his account, its only downside is that its bags require occasional replacement when they get dirty, otherwise the vapor might taste a little too much like burnt popcorn.

Note: Based on the reviews of others, the newer digital version of this vaporizer, the Digit Volcano, is superior. It’s nearly identical, only more expensive and fully equipped with digital temperature controls.

1. Cloud Evo

The Cloud Evo by VapeXhale is a tower-style desktop vaporizer that’s less expensive than the Herbalizer and Volcano. What sets it apart is its water filtration system. This is the best desktop vaporizer with a water filter by some accounts and by Hanna’s account, it is simply the best desktop vaporizers have to offer.

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