Is Vaping Healthy?

This is a question that comes up a lot, especially with vaping’s clearly rising popularity. Addressing this question simply, our answer would have to be no. As in, no – vaping is not healthy. While this may be untrue in some cases, it is our belief here at Vaporizer Wire that inhaling anything other than what is naturally occurring in the air around us is potentially unhealthy. However, many of you reading this may ask, “What about medical vaporizers?” In such instance, our answer may differ, but for the most part, generally speaking, vaping is likely unhealthy. Our position on this matter may change, especially as the findings of future studies come to light.

While we say this — that vaping is likely unhealthy, generally speaking — we imagine that some of you are actually looking for the answer to a more specific inquiry, particularly: “is vaping healthier than smoking?”

Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

Addressing this question, we’ll answer simply so that more of you can understand us: vaping is likely not healthy and based on medical science’s current understanding of smoking, neither is smoking. But if you had to choose between the two, our suggestion would be to vape instead. Why? Because while it’s not necessarily “healthier,” it is almost certainly less harmful. While this may mean the same thing to some, we have trouble calling it healthier when may harbor its own detrimental health effects.

To clarify while summarizing, yes – vaping is superior to smoking. It is, based on what scientific research has been made public, pretty clearly less harmful than the smoking products it largely aims to replace – the cigarettes of old.

So if you were to ask us if we thought that vaping was a healthier alternative to smoking? In short, our answer would be yes. But if you were to ask us if vaping is, in general, a healthy habit – our answer would almost certainly be no. Healthier, perhaps, but healthy? Probably not. So there you have it folks, our answer to the question of whether or not vaping is healthy along with our answer to the question of whether vaping is healthier than smoking. But there’s one more very specific question that we also want to answer and that’s what’s next.

Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes?

The answer to this one, in our minds and based on the research that we’re familiar with, is a very plain and simple YES. As in, yes – vaping tobacco is almost definitely less harmful than smoking. While scientists will continue to research this question and argue among themselves over what is the general conclusion, those of us here at Vaporizer Wire who ourselves have smoked cigarettes and now vape instead will tell you plainly: there’s no question about it, vaping is better than smoking.

We are not medical professionals and the information contained within this informative article published here on is not to be mistaken as medical advice.

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