Paul Doswell Spotted Vaping With A Portable Vaporizer At FA Cup Match

During the FA Cup match between rival football (soccer) clubs AFC Wimbledon and Sutton United, Paul Doswell, Sutton United’s Manager, was spotted casually taking puffs from his portable vape while watching the game from the sidelines.

While there might be some folks out there that might be displeased by Doswell’s inclination to vape during the game, more than a few took to social media to express their excitement.

For those who might have found themselves displeased by his action and believed it to have warranted a pay cut or something of the like, team chairman Bruce Elliott was quick to point out in a report by The Telegraph that the team doesn’t even pay Doswell. According to Elliott, not only do they not pay him, he actually pays the team as he is one of Sutton United’s sponsors.

“Actually, not only do we not pay him a penny, he sponsors us. So he’s actually paying us to be our manager. That’s how much he loves this club.”

With this in mind, USA Today’s For The Win reports that this might be why he can, if he cares to, vape on the sidelines without anybody raining on his parade.

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