Sean Hannity Spotted Vaping An E-Cig In New Viral Video

Spinal Tap member Harry Shearer–who is also many other things including a comedian, actor, and producer–shared a video on Twitter of American talk show host Sean Hannity puffing on what appears to be an electronic cigarette just after he says, “Watch this.”

In response to the video, Hannity tweeted from his confirmed Twitter account that the e-cig is “not real” and that he doesn’t even “smoke cigars anymore.” He added that the NJoy e-cigarette brand “has advertised” on his radio show.

As Newsweek’s Janice Williams noted in a report, Hannity’s stance on healthcare is that Obamacare and its rising premiums are a direct attack on the freedoms of Americans, which is in part why he’s in favor of what has been championed by its advocates as “repeal and replace,” which is the repealing and replacing of Obama’s signature healthcare legislation nicknamed “Obamacare.” While we have no comment on any of this, the title of Williams report published in the U.S. section of the Newsweek website was titled, “Sean Hannity vapes cigarettes working because he is a total hypocrite.”

GQ’s Jack Moore, a self-described “big, angry, Irish potato head-haver,” covered the video’s existence in a piece on GQ’s website in which he refers to the video as a video of the talk show host “that won’t make you want to break your phone in anger.”

Is it time for a Sean Hannity vaporizer? Perhaps a collaboration with KandyPens or Grenco Science? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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