Why Vape Without Nicotine?

Wondering why someone might vape without nicotine? Here are just some of the reasons why some vapers have opted for nicotine-free blends over nicotine-infused ones.

1. To Get Away From Nicotine

This may seem pretty obvious to some, but for many vapers, vaping 0 nic liquids and cartridges is a means by which to continue vaping while avoiding the nicotine that binds many to conventional cigarettes. This addresses the oral fixation while removing the addictive ingredient that is nicotine, which is the chief active constituent in tobacco.

For many who vape, their reasoning is simple: they’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. With 0 nicotine blends, they’re able to continue vaping while finally getting away from the nicotine.

2. They’re Quitting Smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, there’s one smoking cessation in particularly that’s rising rapidly in popularity and it’s the vaporizer – a device which comes in many forms, from the electronic cigarette (e-cig) to the vape mod and so on. For some smokers who are transitioning over to vapers with the intent of quitting smoking entirely, the vaporizer (or “vape” for short) provides a tool with which they can effectively reduce their dependency on nicotine by gradually weening themselves off of it by decreasing the amount of nicotine that they’re vaping.

One way to go about this is to buy e-juices that have less and less nicotine in them. This way, the user can continue to take just as many puffs of vapor while still managing to decrease the amount of nicotine entering their system. Eventually, for some users, this leads to nicotine-free blends.

3. To Enjoy Vaping While Avoiding The Nicotine

For some, it has little to nothing to do with quitting smoking and entirely to do with enjoying some vapor while avoiding the addictive substance that is nicotine.

With all of the flavors that e-liquid manufacturers have to offer these days–vanilla, strawberry, cotton candy, chocolate fudge, and so on–it’s easy to see how some vapers might simply enjoy the taste, but have no inclination to inhale nicotine.

4. The Potential Health Implications

Surprisingly to some, the research into nicotine is less than substantial when compared to the research that has been conducted in regards to smoking tobacco. While nicotine is found within tobacco, a considerable amount of questions remain about its potential health implications. Still, while there are many questions that remain unanswered by current science, there are those who see nicotine as harmful to one’s health. Whether or not this is the case, the notion that it may be detrimental to one’s health is reason enough for some vapers to avoid nicotine entirely, regardless of whether or not its being delivered by a vaporizer or a conventional cigarette.

Do you have your own reasons for vaping 0 nicotine juice and want to share them? Chime in via the comments section below.

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