Vie Vaporizer Called ‘The Best Budget Vaporizer’ In Review

In a sense, the Vie Vaporizer is a crowd-sourced vaporizer with an incredibly low price tag. At just $50, this cheap portable vaporizer has surprisingly managed to impress some, including the likes of Daniel Starkey who called it “the best budget vaporizer ever made” in his review of it published on According to his analysis, it’s capable of doing “just about anything” that the top of the line vaporizers can do. For instance, it supports both major blend types: dry and concentrate. It also has various temperature settings to fiddle with, a built-in poker tool, and a maze-style vapor path that helps cool the vapor as it travels to the user.

As for cleaning, the maze in particular might sound like a tricky piece to clean, but as it turns out, Starkey claims it’s as easy as dropping the silicone piece into warm water, added some soap, and letting it soak before rinsing and drying.

While it offers quite a few features that one might not expect to find in a $50 portable vaporizer, there’s one feature in particular that Starkey seems particularly excited about in his Vie vaporizer review: the portable capsules that allow blend to be pre-loaded for quick and easy use. Simply load them up and then pop them in real quick when you’re ready to vape. Easy loaders is one way to think of them. And they have other benefits as well:

  • More efficient heating as heat is distributed more evenly throughout the blend.
  • Less waste due to the high level of efficiency in the vaporization process.
  • Concentrates are “boiled,” not burned, according to Starkey.

So what’s the drawback? While it’s hard to say based on a single review, however it good that review may be, Starkey does list one negative aspect under “cons” in his review and that’s that it feels a “little cheap.” Still, with all that it’s capable of and how little it costs, it’s hard to imagine that this vape could have scored much if any less than a four star rating on where Starkey reviewed it. Needless to say, we’re intrigued – are you?

What do you think, did the Vie vape just win one for the consumers out there by lowering the retail price on portable dual-use vaporizers? Let us know what you think about this cheap portable in the comments section below.

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