Could E-Cigs Be Bad For Your Heart Health?

While there is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that e-cigarettes are less harmful than the cigarettes they look to replace, could e-cigs themselves actually have a negative impact on the human heart? According to one new study, there’s a chance that that could very well be the case for nicotine infused e-cigarettes, but only those that dispense nicotine. The findings of this study, which was led by UCLA professor of medicine Dr. Holly Middlekauff, could pave the way for more research into the effects of nicotine on the heart.

Pulse (Heart Health)
Could vaping be bad for your heart? If you’re vaping nicotine, there’s a chance that doing so could be, or so a new study’s findings seem to suggest.

In the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Heart Associated, Middlekauff and her fellow research scientists examined 33 healthy individuals that neither smoked nor vaped, at least not currently. The study’s participants were then asked to puff on either a placebo containing no active ingredients, an electronic cigarette filled with a nicotine solution, or an e-cig containing no nicotine. And what did they find? They found that the e-cigs containing nicotine caused the user’s adrenaline levels to rise, leading the researchers to believe that there could be a correlation between nicotine and heart health – and not a good one at that.

Still, even with this in mind, Middlekauff can’t help but suggest based on the results of her prior research that smokers give up smoking for vaping, adopting e-cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes. But for those who neither smoke nor vape, it is perhaps best to keep it that way, at least that’s what her latest research seems to suggest. Or in her own words, Middlekauff, who was quoted by Time, said that for non-smokers, she “would strongly advise that you not start using e-cigarettes, because they are not harmless.”

“The way I think about it is that if you currently smoke tobacco cigarettes, switching to e-cigs may be a better choice, at least from the data we have (…) But if you don’t smoke at all, I would strongly advise that you not start using e-cigarettes, because they are not harmless.”

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Could Heat-Not-Burn Devices Overshadow E-Cigs In Popularity?

Heat-not-burn devices are rapidly rising in popularity in Japan where they were first introduced and according to one study’s findings, they could overshadow electronic cigarettes in popularity in the years to come.

The study, which was authored by Dr. John Ayers with San Diego State University and computer science professor Mark Dredze of Johns Hopkins University, found that when heat-not-burn devices were first introduced in Japan, they rose in popularity more quickly than e-cigarettes did when they were first introduced in the country, which leads them to believe that they could overtake e-cigs in popularity. If this is true in Japan, it could be true elsewhere as well, or at least that’s the line of thought that could very well rattle the cages of some vape industry investors. In the words of the study’s authors, their findings suggest that these new smokeless alternatives “may even eclipse e-cigarettes” in terms of popularity as they’re introduced into new markets.

“This suggests that as heat-not-burn tobacco is introduced in new markets, its popularity may even eclipse e-cigarettes.”

So how fast have they risen in popularity? According to the researchers, who analyzed data from Google Trends that pertain to search engine queries, virtually nobody was searching for them two years ago. But now, to quote study coauthor Professor Dredze, there are now “between 5.9 and 7.5 million each month.”

“Two years ago, there were essentially no queries in Japan for heat-not-burn tobacco, but now there are between 5.9 and 7.5 million each month.”

With how quickly e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers in general rose in popularity in recent years, taking regulators completely off guard, there are those who are calling for research into the safety of heat-not-burn devices to be conducted now so that public health professionals, regulators, and the public at large are not once again blindsided in a scenario in which these new devices surge in popularity reminiscent of the e-cigarette’s rise to international stardom.

In the meantime, there are those who believe that they should be regulated the same as other tobacco products, just to be on the safe side. What do you think? You can share your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

Vapor Market Forecast Predicts Over $61 Billion In Growth By 2025

Research and Markets is forecasting that the global vapor industry, a combination of e-cig and vaporizer products, will exceed $60 billion by the year 2025.

Fresh Growth (Plant Growing)
The vapor market is expected to see some dramatic growth in the year to come, according to a new forecast.

To be more specific, their estimate, which was published in their “Global E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Market Analysis & Trends – Industry Forecast to 2025” report, puts the industry at approximately $61.4 billion well within the next decade. Those are some impressive growth figures – that is, if Research and Markets is on the money with their forecast.

Innovation and advances in technology within the industry are just a couple of the positive trends that their analysis took into account while attempting to forecast the industry’s growth over the next some odd years (until 2025). Using the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) as a measure, their analysis estimates that the vapor market will grow by about 20.8 percent within this time frame.

Investors may be pleased to find that the report also contains information pertaining to potential investment opportunities as well as recommendations. Such opportunities having been identified through market trend analysis, both past and present.

In essence, it appears as if Research and Markets has poured a great deal of effort into thoroughly researching and analyzing the vapor industry, its players, its supply chains, advances, opportunities, and so forth to create a comprehensive analysis presented in the form of a report available for purchase through their website.

Source: PR Newswire press release via Markets Insider

Enovap Vaporizer Company Joins The Blinc Group’s Incubator

Enovap is both a vape company and the name of the company’s first vaporizer, which has yet to be released to the U.S. public – perhaps why you’ve never heard of them until now. Their new vaporizer, the Enovap vape, currently has a U.S. release date set for 2018. However, its initial public release will be, according to its maker, limited in the sense that there will only be a limited number of units released at first. This is not uncommon for new vape products hitting the market, especially when their makers want to make a point to get it as far as their manufacturing and quality control are concerned. But that’s not what this vape news report is about – no, not at all. What this is actually about is the fact that Enovap has joined The Blink Group’s incubator in order to quickly accelerate the delivery of their product within the United States.

Over in Europe, Enovap has already found itself the recipient of the French Minister of Research and Innovation’s Ilab prize and the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence. And now, as we mentioned, they’re looking to expand into the U.S. vape market and quickly expand with the assistance of The Blinc Group’s incubator.

Enovap CEO Alexandre Scheck explained in a statement that his company “is aiming for a fast commercial expansion of its vaping product in the U.S.” and joining forces with The Blinc Group provides “the perfect opportunity to introduce our technology to players and investors in the field and accelerate our launch in the US market.”

“Enovap is aiming for a fast commercial expansion of its vaping product in the U.S. Joining The Blinc Group is the perfect opportunity to introduce our technology to players and investors in the field and accelerate our launch in the US market.”

Enovap, which was founded in 2015, is currently developing the first truly intelligent personal vaporizer designed to address addictions to nicotine and tobacco through the regulation of nicotine doses dispersed through the device. Basically, their vape aims to gradually wane users away from nicotine dependence, which is what its patented nicotine dosage system is all about.

Why The Blinc Group?

The Blinc Group just so happens to foster the launch, expansion, and funding of vapor startups, among other things. Subsequently, they are, in a sense, the perfect match for a startup like Enovap that is looking to capitalize on their innovative effort to produce a smart vape by tapping into the lucrative U.S. vapor market.

Oklahoma Vape Shop Destroyed In Large Fire

The Main Vapor, a vape store in Purcell, Oklahoma, was destroyed after the building in which the business was based caught on fire.

Firefighter Photo
An Oklahoma vape shop burned down after a large blaze engulfed the building housing it. This photo is unrelated to the incident and is merely being used to illustrate the fire that took place.

According to employees of the store, the large fire was started by a heater inside of the store, KFOR-TV reported. The fire, which took place late last year, destroyed all of the business’s inventory as well as the store itself.

No injuries were sustained as a result of the blaze. However, it has left the business seeking a new storefront to rent, which was made clear by a Facebook post the company shared. In the meantime, the company has looked to launch a delivery service in the Purcell area with the intent of continuing to serve their customers while they look for a new location.

Update: The Main Vapor is now located at 528 S Green Avenue in Purcell, Oklahoma. Their hours of operation are listed online as 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. every day of the week except for Sunday when they’re listed as closed.

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Bay Area Vape Startup Cloudious9 Hits The Scene With A New Water Filtered Portable Vaporizer

There’s a new portable vaporizer in town that’s turning heads and it’s called the Hydrology9 by Cloudious9, a new vaporizer startup out of San Francisco, California’s Bay Area, the East Bay to be exact. Not far off from where Pax Labs, makers of the Pax portable vaporizers, are headquartered (SF).

Hydrology9 Vaporizer By Cloudious9
This is the intriguing new water filtered handheld vaporizer known as Hydrology9.

This new vape of theirs, the Hydrology9, which some people are calling the Hydrology 9 vaporizer (notice the little space between “Hydrology” and “9”) for whatever reason, looks like it could be the most futuristic portable vape on the market. But is it really? While we won’t speculate on how well it works at this time, the reviews are in and it looks like the general consensus is that it is, at the very least, a good vape. Although some, like TorontoVaporizer and Vapesterdam, seem to think (based on their reviews) that it could stand to see some improvement. Either way, the reviews we analyzed appeared to be mostly positive in nature, which has us thinking that this vape might actually be as good as it looks – and boy does it look good. This is one hot looking vape, or should we say cool? Cool seems to be more appropriate given its design, which centers around a water filter built directly into the vape itself.


Beyond the obvious (the water filter), this new portable does have some features to showoff. These include multiple temperature presets, auto-shutoff, an anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass body, and an LED lighting system used to convey various aspects of the vape’s status such as which temperature setting it’s on and how much juice is left in its rechargeable battery. One of the features that really has us wondering what the folks at Cloudious9 are up to in their free time is the dance mode in which the lights dance for you. This cool little feature, which might sound less cool than it actually is, has two modes: fast and slow. With all that this vape offers, which frankly isn’t as much as some of the other portables it’s competing with, it seems pretty hard to overlook its big selling point: the water filter.

Water Filtration

Bringing their concept of a water filtered portable vaporizer to life was no easy challenge, according to Cloudious9. Or at least, doing so in an aesthetically pleasing fashion was no easy goal. As it sounds to us and based on the end result that we see (the Hydrology9), we can’t help but think that it does indeed sound like nothing shy of a daunting task to fuse water filtration with vaporization in a design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Assuming it works as well as the reviews out there would have us believe, we congratulate Cloudious9 on their innovative design as it truly appears to be something entirely new – a vape that breaks the mold. We’re not only impressed, but intrigued. Did Cloudious9 just raise the bar for Pax Labs, DaVinci Vaporizers, Storz & Bickel, KandyPens, Arizer, and everyone else?

And if you’re wondering if there’s a possibility that it could leak, potentially mixing water with electronics in a fashion that would make us cringe, Cloudious9 claims that it’s “leakproof” – a claim that they back with a warranty.

We’ve Seen This Before – Haven’t We?

The first time we came across this design concept, a portable vaporizer with a water filter, was when VaporBlunt launched the VaporBlunt 2.0 DLX, which offered a “hydrotube” attachment that was essentially a glass water filter that you popped on top of the vape. Now while this sounds the same, it’s actually different. Quite a bit different at that. The vaporizer’s specifics aside, the water filter with the VB 2.0 DLX is actually a separate piece that’s not required for the vape to function. Meaning that the vape itself is actually a standalone portable vaporizer capable of functioning without the hydrotube attachment. The Hydrology 9 on the other hand has a water filter that’s incorporated directly into its design, leaving it as  a central component necessary for the vaporizer to function.

Vaporizer Specs

The Hydrology9, which online retailer VapeWorld listed on their new products and hot sellers page earlier this month, is made from a space grade aluminum alloy, its mouthpiece from borosilicate glass, and its oven from food grade porcelain. Its oven measures 18 x 10 millimeters and its body, the entire vape itself, measures 45 x 175 millimeters.

For a battery, it uses a cell phone grade 2000 mAh lithium polymer that, according to the manufacturer, lasts for about 15 sessions and recharges in anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.

Temperature Information

Usually, we would tell you a bit about the temperature information for a vape such as this while discussing it, however, that information has not been made available by the manufacturer. Subsequently, we don’t have much to work with here nor to talk about. It has 5 preset temperature settings to select from, none of which do we know the corresponding temperatures for. We’re not even sure what the temperature range is at this time, not the high end nor the low. We will do our best to update this segment when and if that information is provided by the manufacturer. All this aside, what we do know is that it takes about 60 seconds for it to reach proper vaping temps, which isn’t all that long given the multiple minutes it takes some vaporizers to reach similar temperatures.

Portable Or Cordless Handheld?

While this is touted as a portable vaporizer, some have brought its portability into question. At just over 6 inches tall, it’s not the shortest nor the most compact portable out there. But is it still a portable? It runs on internal battery power and requires no cord to operate, plus it’s small enough to carry in any number of bags. Which is why we would say that it is a portable, however, we do recognize that it’s really pushing the definition to its limits.

Share Your Thoughts

What do you think about this new vape – is it all that or just another failed attempt to combine the water filtration with portable vaporization? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comments section below. And thanks for stopping by. From Vaporizer Wire to you, stay safe out there and keep on vaping!

Top Sellers And New Products At Vape World For October 2017

Vape World, a vaporizer store that now carries glassware in addition to vaporizers and their accessories, maintains a page on their website dedicated to their top sellers and new products. This month, the list contains 27 products. Below is a list of these products along with their descriptions and some added insight. These are in no particular order.

Hot Sellers And New Products At Vape World
This screen shot shows a glimpse of some of the hot sellers and newest products on the Vape World online store. Date: 10/2017
  • Eyce Beaker – This is a glass water piece by Eyce. It features a built-in stash jar, ice catcher, platinum cured silicone body, borosilicate glass bowl, a magnetic ring to attach anything metal (such as a “poker” tool), and a lid intended to be used as a flat area to work on. Built with discretion, durability, and quality in mind.
  • Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch – Higher Standards has collaborated with Blazer to produce a High Standards Big Shot Torch. This Japan engineered torch is capable of providing more than half an hour of burn time at a temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Butane powered, brass flame nozzle, instant piezo crystal ignition, precision flame control, and a base that detaches. These are the selling points on this portable butane torch with builtin anti-flare technology. This is not your average torch, it’s a hi-tech piece of art that provides extreme heat on the go.
  • Pax 3 Complete Vaporizer Kit – Available in four colors, this portable vaporizer kit comes with everything one needs to vape, just add blend and you’re ready to go. Made by Pax Labs, the Pax 3 is the latest in the highly successful line of portable “Pax” vaporizers, which started with Pax 1 years ago. At the time of writing, VapeWorld offers a free 4-piece aluminum grinder for those that purchase this kit. It comes with the newest Pax vaporizer, its concentrate insert for vaping extracts, power charger, screens, mouthpieces, multi-tool, half pack lid, carrying pouch, and maintenance kit. The Pax 3, which is a dual-use vaporizer that works with dried blend blends and concentrates (even liquids), is covered by a 10-year warranty. Wondering how good it is? Check out our analysis of the Pax 3 vaporizer reviews published by some of the loudest voices in the vaporizer review scene. For reference, the four color options it’s currently available in are black, rose gold, silver, and teal.
  • Dr. Dabber Boost – This portable eNail designed for non-liquid extracts heats all the way up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in just half of a minute. Fully charged, it’s capable of delivering more than 50 hits before it needs to be recharged via its micro-USB charging cord. It comes with a glass water attachment, ceramic nail, domeless titanium nail, quartz nail, a couple of silicone containers to store your blend in, a magnetic carb cap, and a magnetic loading tool. Basically, everything you need to vape solid concentrates except the concentrate itself.
  • Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer – The Hydrology 9 is arguably one of the most intriguing products on this list. It takes the dream of a water filtered portable vaporizer and turns that dream into a tangible reality. It offers a leakproof water filter made from borosilicate glass. It has a porcelain oven, a 2000 mAh LiPo battery, and it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum. From what we understand, this puts the early manifestations of the idea to shame. Here is truly, from what we’re told, a portable vaporizer with a water filter that’s worth the money. Plus, VapeWorld is currently giving away a free grinder with every purchase.
  • G Pen Pro – Grenco Science’s “Pro” G-Pen vaporizer is an attempt to take what your typical e-cigarette offers in terms of instantaneous heat up of liquid blends and apply it to dry blends. It offers three custom heating temperatures, an extremely compact design, and a large ceramic oven. It comes with a poker attached to a key chain, a cleaning brush, and a USB charging cable. The latter of which offers pass-through charging, which allows the vape to be used while it’s recharging. Did we mention it has a price tag of roughly $100?
  • Snoop Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe – Some of you may already be aware of rapper Snoop Dogg’s involvement in the vape scene with vaporizers like the Snoop Dogg Bush by Grenco, but did you know he was involved in the development of water pipes as well? That’s what this is, a water pipe designed by the man himself. It’s the “Rocketship” made by Pounds by Snoop. As is all the rage these days, it’s made from borosilicate glass – both the pipe itself and the bowl. It has an extra-thick base, ice catcher, and storage compartment. And it comes with a glass dabber made by Pounds.
  • Pax 3 Basic Kit – $50 less than the complete kit, the basic kit comes with just a couple of mouthpieces, a charger, maintenance kit, and the vape itself. The big disadvantage to this kit in comparison to the complete one is its lack of a concentrate insert, which buyers will have to acquire separately at an additional cost if vaporizing extracts with it is something that they’re interested in.
  • Yocan (R)Evolve – The new Yocan Evolve vaporizer is based on the original Evolve, which notably did well for itself and its manufacturer as far as sales are concerned. Designed for concentrates, this 650 mAh Lithium-ion battery powered portable vaporizer pen boasts an instant heat up time and a quartz dual coil atomizer. What’s particularly interesting about this little vape is its low-temperature vaping method, which, according to its maker, is intended to maximize flavor.
  • G Pen Elite X Stash Collaboration – Grenco Science is a vape manufacturer that clearly respects the power of multiples, in this case two – Grenco and legendary New York born graffiti artist Stash, who boasts prior collaborations with companies that include world renown Nike shoe company. This is basically Grenco’s popular G-Pen Elite vaporizer with a new skin, one that we’d called funky fresh. We dig, very appealing. Only it’s more than that as it come with something you won’t get anywhere else: a stash container that looks like a can of spray paint, only with a splash of Stash’s style. Also, it comes with a resealable stash bag that’s also covered in the same theme as the vape, spray paint stash container, and even the vape’s charging dock. The G Pen Elite is a dry blend only portable vaporizer with an ergonomic design that boasts a coilless ceramic heating chamber, custom temperature option, large oven capacity, and a total size that’s compact enough to casually slip into a pocket.
  • Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Aluminum Spray Grinder – Reminiscent of the G Pen Pro X Stash vaporizer’s spray paint can style storage compartment, this aluminum grinder, a Santa Cruz Shredder, too mimics a spray paint can. And it also has some funky graffiti style art on it, only it’s quite a bit different and instead of graphics strewn across it, it just has some graffiti style text lettering on part of it. It’s available in 5 different color schemes and boasts bi-directional teeth for shredding blend, durable thread pattern, textured grip, and magnetic enclosure. They’re CNC machined from aluminum and measure 1 and 5/8 inches in diameter.
  • Blazer Lab Burner – This is not a vape, but a contraption that utilizes a butane torch to rapidly heat extracts at a high temperature. It’s compatible with a quartz nail, dish, or bucket and its butane capacity is adequate enough to power a full hour of use. It’s capable of operating at up to 2,370 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cloud Paragon – The Paragon portable vaporizer by Cloud Penz is listed with a price tag of $99.99, making it a potential contender for the best portable vaporizer for under $100, but according to the Vape World store, it’s currently out of stock as of the time of writing. Even still, we’ll tell you a bit about it. It’s a battery (2200 mAh) powered portable designed for concentrates. It uses a dual ceramic-rod titanium coil atomizer to heat the blend and a micro USB cable to recharge its battery. It offers a cool feature that’s by no means the standard at this time and that’s the ability to adjust the vaporizer’s airflow.
  • Volcano Vaporizer – This is the vaporizer that vaporizer review website called “the best desktop vaporizer” in their review of the higher priced variant it’s available in, the digital Volcano Digit. The Volcano Vaporizer is a Storz & Bickel creation that’s sold in two distinct styles: the analog “Classic” and the digital “Digit.” The analog system entails a dial that is turned to adjust the temperature. The digital version entails a large display that shows the temperatures, both set and current, and large buttons that move the desired (set) temperature up and down. What makes this desktop vaporizer unique is its forced air balloon delivery method that literally inflates a balloon with vapor. In order to do so, it relies on an internal fan which draws air in through a filter which it then heats, allowing it to push heated air through the blend, transforming it into vapor which it then pushes into a vaporizer bag to be captured for casual consumption.
  • Firefly 2 Vaporizer – Smaller and lighter than the original, this new Firefly vaporizer uses dynamic convection heating technology to quickly vaporize whatever you put in it, be it concentrated or dried blend. It heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just three seconds. This is one of the fastest heating portable vaporizers for dry blends on the market. And it offers a high end range of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for those intent on using it to vape concentrates. It’s available in multitude of color options which include patterns and skins like zebra and oak wood. In addition to having a fast heat up time, it also has a relatively quick recharge time of just 45 minutes. It uses a USB 3.0 cord to recharge. The lid is magnetic, which ensures a snug fit that won’t likely come loose on mistake. And for its vapor path it uses borosilicate glass, which, as we stated earlier, is all the rage these days.
  • Phil Frost X Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer – Comes with collectible Phil Frost mini luggage, a charging dock, USB charging cord, tool, and card. This collaboration between Burton, Phil Frost, and Grenco Science is designed by Frost. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to check it out. It has a really interesting design. We approve. This is otherwise just another G Pen Elite with a different skin.
  • Linx Hypnos Zero – Interestingly, this portable vape pen designed for concentrates was listed as “out of stock” on VapeWorld’s online vape store at the time of writing. While we don’t know why that is exactly, we can tell you a bit about this vape. It uses a ceramic disc heater, has a glass mouthpiece, recharges via a micro-USB cable, and has four temperature settings to choose from. At a glance, you’ll likely take note of its compact and simple design. This is one vape that’s not hard to use – that much is for sure. And it definitely won’t be taking up too much space in your pocket because it’s one of the smaller portable vapes out there.
  • DaVinci IQ Vaporizer – Here is a portable vaporizer that, like quite a few on this list, requires no introduction. But then again, some of you don’t keep up with what’s happening in the vape industry all that closely, which is, of course, why you have us – to keep you informed with an endless stream of vape news updates from your favorite source for vaping news, (the site you’re at now). The IQ has more features than we care to list, but the gist of it is that it’s a compact portable by the company that brought us all the Ascent and like the Ascent, it was designed with the purity of vapor in mind. It’s designed for dried blends, has a user-changeable battery system, advanced digital temperature controls, an app, and a lot more options to customize and fine tune your vape sessions than you might have thought was possible. One of the features that does well to distinguish the DaVinci IQ from the rest of the portable vapes in its class is its Smart Paths technology that allows its user to map out its temperature throughout sessions and program them in for quick recollection. Now while it is in fact designed for dry blends, ground material that won’t leak, there has been some speculation as to whether or not it can actually support some forms of concentrates even though it isn’t technically designed for it. According to Vaporizer Shark, you can in fact vape some forms of concentrates with the DaVinci IQ, however, this may not be advisable given that doing so could not only damage the vaporizer, but also void the manufacturer’s warranty – which obviously leave you in quite the predicament in this worst case hypothetical scenario.
  • Summit Plus Vaporizer – The Summit+ by the Vapium vaporizer company is likely one of the most rugged portable vaporizers and quite possibly the most durable for under $150 (it’s priced just a penny under). It’s really built with an active lifestyle in mind. What it might lack in way of features, it aims to makeup for in durability, portability, and ease of use. The Summit Plus, an intentionally tough little vape. It has vibration notifications, which is a featured shared by other vapes like the IQ by DaVinci and Pax 3 by Pax Labs, and it comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Did we mention it’s splashproof? Don’t take this to mean waterproof but it will shed some water without issue if you’re in just about anything shy of a downpour. But we wouldn’t intentionally push it to its limits if we were you. It comes with a dry bag, cleaning kit that includes a brush, more brushes, wipes, extra screens, a pick style tool (poker), mouth guards, manual, and a USB charging cord that allows for pass-through charging (you can use the vape while it’s charging). It offers simple temperature controls reminiscent of what we saw with the Pax 1 vaporizer only a bit more advanced and definitely a little easier to use. Its vapor/air path is stainless steel and it offers a total of 8 temperature settings that range all the way up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Crafty Vaporizer – When Storz & Bickel makes a vaporizer they make absolutely sure of at least one thing: that it works and that it works well. For years, the German manufacturer was known as a plugin vaporizer manufacturer, but one renowned for its Volcano series of vaporizers, the Volcano Medic, Digit, and Classic. But now, in light of the release of their two highly successful portable vaporizers — the Crafty being one of them, the Mighty the other — they’re now known as a vaporizer manufacturer, with no limitation to plugins, regardless of how good they are. The Crafty is designed for all types of blends: liquids, waxes, dried, and whatever else. For dried blends, it’s loaded as normal. For everything else, a concentrate insert is placed in the heating chamber. This insert, a liquid pad as it’s known, is what the blend is applied to. This simple accessory is all it takes to transform it into a portable concentrate vape. It offers vibrating alerts, an app that connects to Bluetooth enabled devices, a high-efficiency heat exchanger, and it, unlike the Mighty, might actually fit in your compact thanks to its relatively compact design. It uses a combination of conduction and convection to produce vapor. It comes with a grinder, manual, mouthpiece, liquid pad, extra screens, filling aid, power adapter and USB cable, extra seal rings, and a cleaning brush.
  • Storz & Bickel Reducer – This is an accessory built specifically for the Plenty and Volcano vaporizers by Storz and Bickel. Their portables, Crafty and Mighty, already have capsules that fit just right so there’s no need to use this reducer with them. The capsules and reducers both allow their users to use less blend in the ovens. A simple but effective solution to those who only want to pack a little bit of blend, as opposed to filling their heating chambers.

There are other products on the list that we’ve left out. You can see the complete list by visiting VapeWorld’s official online store.

Vaporizer Shark Reviews The Portable Arizer Solo 2

Vaporizer Shark has finally reviewed Arizer’s latest portable vaporizer, the Solo II, which is the successor to the Arizer Solo – a vape that helped restore faith in the portable vaporization of dried blends for a lot of folks. With the new version already for sale online at various vape shops and the like, it’s no surprise that vape reviewers like are actively trying to review the latest vapes. After all, that’s what everyone’s curious about, right? And to feed that curiosity, Vaporizer Shark followed its usual routine of comprehensively covering virtually every aspect of the Arizer Solo 2 in their new review of it. They cover everything from its temperature information to heat up time, vapor quality to build materials, and so on. Just about everything you might want to know and more can be found in it. So if you have an interest, be sure to check it out.

Arizer Solo 2 Review

Their consensus, in agreement with more than a few other vaporizer review sites, is that the latest Solo by Arizer is one of the best portable vaporizers for dry blend on the market, but they’re not without their reservations as they clearly note that it is on the larger side of modern portables and it doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery design or the ability to vaporize liquids. Still, they, like many others, can’t help but like it given everything else it entails: powerful vapor production, high quality vapor, fast heat up time, long battery life, ability to vape while charging, digital controls for adjusting the temperature and options, worthwhile accessories, and an interface that’s so easy to use – even novices can figure it out with little effort.

More About The Arizer Solo II:

What really sets this vape apart from the vape that came before, the original Arizer Solo, is its temperature control system. With the original, you have seven temperature settings to choose from – none of which can be adjusted, just selected. With the new temperature control system that the Solo 2 offers, you have a very wide range of different temperatures that you can choose from, effectively opening up more of the heating element’s potential. This allows you to fine-tune the vape to find what works best for you and your blends. Beyond this, it’s also seen as an improvement in a number of other ways, such as heat up time, battery life, and so on. Between all of its various improvements, it truly is the next version, the Arizer Solo 2.0 – which is formally known as the Arizer Solo II or Arizer Solo 2. Will there be an Arizer Solo 3? We imagine there could be, but we have yet to hear of any formal release date nor rumors for that matter. Still, we’ll keep you all posted if we happen to hear anything about a Solo 3 vaporizer either in the works or being released.

Back to what’s current and what’s out right now, the Solo II, what you’re looking at is a vaporizer that’s not built to compete in such a direction fashion to the Pax 3 and similarly compact vaporizers, as it’s quite a bit bigger. But what it lacks in portability, it does well to make up for with the power of its high quality vapor production. Which, from what various reviewers have claimed, is far better than the average portable.

Usage Tips From Vaporizer Shark: offers some interesting tip on how to use the S2. For the user that wants to get the biggest, thickest clouds, they suggest using a grinder like the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder to achieve a very finely ground blend before loosely stuffing it into the stem’s bowl and then cranking the heat up to a higher temperature setting. Apparently, this results in some of the best cloud production they managed to achieve with it. The Magic-Flight grinder we just mentioned, the Finishing Grinder, is designed to grind up your blend into really small particles, which Vaporizer Shark insists is better than large chunks of ground blend for packing the Solo 2, assuming that the desired result is large thick clouds of vapor.

Another tip they offer is to reduce the startup timer setting to the smallest possible number. This way, it’ll startup that much faster and you can start vaping that much sooner.

As less of a tip and more of a general note, they point out that you’ll have to clean the unit less often if you don’t overpack it. So you can actually save yourself a bit of extra effort by packing it less. You also won’t have to stir the blend, or at least as much, during sessions because it’ll more evenly vaporize the contents of the bowl.

What’s the best Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer temperature to use? To get the best vapor production, biggest clouds and all that, Vaporizer Shark suggests using a temperature right around 395 degrees Fahrenheit. Not much warmer and not much cooler if you want the best clouds, according to their review.

“Set the temperature to right around 395 degrees Fahrenheit and combine the above tip–finely ground blend loosely packed–for the biggest clouds. This combination results in large, thick clouds of vapor. So if you want fat hits, follow these tips.”

Solo II Vaporizer Comparisons:

As we’ve seen with all of their vape reviews, Vaporizer Shark made a point to include a section in their review dedicated to comparisons between the new Solo and its top rivals. Here’s a brief breakdown of what they found during their analysis and review of these different vapes as they compare to the S2:

Arizer Air – In comparison to the Air, these vaping sharks prefer the Solo 2. But for them, there is reason to get an Air instead. Need a higher level of portability? The Air is the better option of the two due to its more compact design. Really want the ability to remove your drained battery and replace it with one that’s charged? Then again, the Air is the answer. But for all other intents and purposes, they believe that the Solo 2 is the better vape.

Crafty Vaporizer – They call this “a tough comparison to make” in their review, yet in the end, they call it the way they see it: the Crafty is the better vape, “but not by much.”

Mighty Vape – In comparison, the two have their similarities, however, only the Mighty is designed to all types of blends. So if you want to vape liquids, waxes, or other forms of concentrates, then the Mighty is the vape for you. But if you want power just shy of what the Mighty offers and don’t mind giving up extracts for the sake of portability, the Solo II is your more compact solution.

DaVinci IQ – A vape that’s been in the news a lot lately, the new IQ can’t be beat – at least not by the likes of the new Solo vaporizer. That’s the way Vaporizer Shark sees it anyways as they “tend to get a lot more use” out of it (the IQ). Neither of these vapes, as reference, is designed to vaporize non-dry blends so if you have concentrates, you might want to look elsewhere for a solution.

Pax 3 Vaporizer – Ploom, by which we mean Pax Labs as they’re now called, really hit the ball out of the park with the new Pax. This is a very popular vape and not without good reason so seeing this comparison was, to us, nothing short of intriguing. As it turns out, both have their place in this world, at least that’s the way the Shark team sees it. For extracts/concentrates, the Pax 3 is the solution. Why? Easy: because it’s the only one of the two that’s designed to vape concentrates. It has a concentrate lid/insert that transforms it from a compact portable designed for dried blends to a compact portable that does it all. However, when it comes to dried blends, they prefer the Solo II’s powerful heating element and all glass vapor path as it produces a higher quality of vapor when vaping dried blends, or at least that’s the way they see it.

Then, of course, there’s their comparison between the original and the new version, which we discussed the findings of a bit in the beginning of this news report. To summarize their findings here, the Solo 2, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the better of the two. It is essentially an improvement in virtually every regard over the original and as such, is truly deserving of the “2” in its name. To recap, it has improved vapor production, a faster heat-up time, and it’s actually a bit smaller than the old one. It also has temperature controls that make the original’s look like a joke, not to mention a wider range of temperatures to choose from.

Solo II Accessories:

For owners of the original Arizer Solo, there’s at least one big benefit to already owning the original and that’s the fact that virtually all of its accessories work with the new version. So if you have a stem that you like, go ahead and use it with the new version. Bought replacement parts that you haven’t used? There’s a really good chance they’ll work with the new version. So don’t feel like you have to throw anything away because there’s a high likelihood that your old Solo’s parts and accessories will come in handy when you acquire the new version. This all according to Vaporizer Shark.

On the Arizer website, there’s a list of available accessories, however, this isn’t the complete list of accessories available for it – it’s just the list of manufacturer made accessories. The reality is that this vape actually works with a number of third party accessories thanks to the adapter that Arizer makes for it which allows it to be connected to a water pipe such as a bubbler or what have you. And according to Vaporizer Shark’s analysis, it works well in this fashion. To quote their review, “the vapor is super smooth” once you’ve attached your favorite water pipe. Which, just in case you missed it, is a type of product that Vape World now carries for sale on their online vaporizer store.

Of all the accessories available, there are some that stand out to us. There’s the car charger, which is something that a lot of owners are sure to find useful. There’s the belt-clip carry case, which might be practical but as Vaporizer Shark notes in their review, there’s a chance you’ll just end up looking “like a nerd,” which could be a good thing depending on how you see yourself and who, if anyone, you’re trying to impress. There are replacement screens, a stirring tool, and then there’s an accessory that really piques our interest here at Vaporizer Wire: the stem cap pack. These caps let you secure any blend contained within your stems, which allows you to pack a stem up in advance and then place it a cap on it to seal it, storing it safely for later use. We like this idea and find it reminiscent of what Haze Technologies did with their Haze vaporizers, providing a small container as an accessory that’s designed to hold pre-packed bowls for quick use. Think of it as a speed loading system that reduces downtime when it’s time to vape. Then there’s the most intriguing of all the accessories: the adapter. This single piece is perhaps the most important accessory as it turns the Arizer Solo 2 into a water filtered vaporizer.

What do you think, which accessory sounds the coolest to you? Also, let us know what you think about this new vape and whether you agree with Vaporizer Shark’s analysis and review. We look forward to hearing from all of you. From your friends here at Vaporizer Wire, stay vaped friends!

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Wells Fargo Analyst Forecasts $400 Million In Vapor Industry Growth In 2017

Is the vapor industry growing? There can be no question about it, the industry is absolutely on the incline and according to a forecast by Bonnie Herzog, an analyst at Wells Fargo, the industry is poised to see growth this year to the tune of some $400 million. That is, without doubt, a lot of money. And meanwhile, the tobacco industry that it’s undoubtedly disrupting is on the decline. According to another forecast by Herzog, who was quoted by the Winston-Salem Journal, the tobacco industry will decline by 3.4 percent this year.

Stock Market Trading Numbers
At least one analyst is forecasting massive growth in the vapor industry this year.

Now forecasts aside, if you somehow thought that big tobacco was unaware of the decline they’re facing, think again as many leading companies in the industry have already begun to hedge their bets by investing in the other side – the vapor industry. Taking Reynolds American Inc. as an example, the tobacco giant, which British American Tobacco PLC somewhat recently purchased a $49 billion stake in, the company has opened up a subsidiary known as RJ Reynolds Vapor Company. Haven’t heard of them? They’re the same company behind the popular Vuse brand of electronic cigarettes, which is one of the leaders in the e-cig space. And they’re certainly not the only ones as Japan Tobacco International (JTI), another leader in the tobacco industry, has invested heavily into the U.S.-based vaporizer startup formerly known as Ploom, which is now known as Pax Labs. This is the same company, for those who don’t know, that’s behind the popular Pax line of portable vaporizers.

As reference, the Pax vaporizer line was spun off from Ploom and the Ploom brand and its Ploom Pods were acquired by JTI. The Pax vapes are now manufactured and sold by Pax Labs. Currently, there are three Pax vaporizers: Pax 1, Pax 2, and Pax 3. Version 1, which was originally called the Pax Vaporizer, is know known as Pax 1. It was the first in the series of Pax vaporizers – the one that started it all.

The Vuse brand currently maintains possession of approximately one-third of the U.S. e-cig market, Benzinga reported earlier this year.

What do you think, is the vaporizing industry going to surpass the smoking industry? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Vape World Is Now Selling Glass Smoking Devices, Rolling Papers, And More

Vape World, stylized “VapeWorld” by the company itself, is one of the largest vaporizer stores on the web. But while the company has made a name for itself being a reputable retailer of high quality vaporization products, it’s now carrying more than vapes and vape related products as it’s introduced some new sections to its online store which cater to the smoking crowd. And with it comes new glass smoking devices such as the Jane West Beaker, Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Water Pipe, the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Bubbler, and more. There are even ash trays and rolling supplies that range from 24K gold rolling papers and blunt wraps by Shine to rolling trays by Marley Natural.

At this point, VapeWorld now carries vaporizers ranging from portables–which include the popular pen vape styles–to desktops, plugins, their accessories, grinders, rolling papers, blunt wraps, and glass smokeware. Basically, they’re now a one-stop-shop for all your vaping and smoking needs.

Glass Smoking Devices On Vape World
This is a screen shot of one of the pages of glass smoking devices for sale on the Vape World store.

Here’s a list of just some of the new glass pieces, randomly selected, that they currently have for sale on their site:

  • Snoop Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe
  • 18″ Grav Labs Steamroller
  • Cheech & Chong Anthony Water Pipe
  • Snoop Pounds Battleship Water Pipe
  • King Toke Blunt Bubbler
  • Cheech & Chong Strawberry Water Pipe
  • Jane West Spoon
  • Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Taster
  • 7″ Grav Labs Upright Bubbler
  • 8″ Grav Labs Cup Bubbler

For reference, the tasters are basically one-hitters, as some would know them. These are small pipes, straight tubes, that are designed to hold a small amount of blend – good for a hit or two, possibly more. The taster we listed by Marley Natural is loaded on one end, the glass end, and on the other end is a walnut wood mouthpiece.

The “Cup Bubbler” by Grav Labs, interestingly enough for us to point out, looks just like a cup with a straw poking out of the side. It reminds us of a Slurpee from 711.