Meet Portavape, The Portable Vaporizer Accessory Designed By An InventHelp Inventor

InventHelp is a company that some of you may have seen advertisements for, we know we have. Have an invention? This company will help you turn it into reality. So it should come as little to no surprise to find that one vaporizer inventor submit his design for a portable vaporizer accessory to the InventHelp office in Los Angeles and with their help, there’s now a product called the PortaVape that’s available for licensing or sale to both marketers as well as manufacturers.

The product, originally designed by an inventor in Sherman Oaks, California, is designed to integrate with ordinary glassware used for smoking – transforming it into a vaporizer. Its inventor indicated in a statement that he didn’t want to smoke “because of the detrimental health effects” so he “came up with this idea” and the rest is history.

You can share your thoughts on the InventHelp Portavape portable vaporizer accessory in the comments section below. If you’ve tried it, feel free to leave a review because we’d love to hear more about it and we’re sure our readers would too!

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