NHS Health Scotland Recommends Vaping To Smokers Looking To Quit

Health Scotland, part of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), wrote in a recently released statement that “vaping e-cigarettes is definitely less harmful than smoking tobacco.” A conclusion that they reached based on current scientific evidence.

“There is now agreement based on the current evidence that vaping e-cigarettes is definitely less harmful than smoking tobacco.”

They noted that while vaping does deliver nicotine, which itself is recognized as an addictive substance, there is still less risking associated with vaping than there is with smoking. But they’re not without their reservations as they state that e-cig access “needs to be controlled carefully” and ultimately, they should be used as a tool to quit smoking entirely.

For those who are stuck between both worlds, still smoking and yet vaping at the same time as they attempt to make the transition, Health Scotland wants you to know that dual use “does not provide health benefits.” Subsequently, they recommend quitting smoking as soon as possible.

There is a growing body of evidence, from surveys to studies, carried about by researchers in support of NHS Health Scotland’s conclusion that vaping is definitely less harmful than smoking.

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