IQ Vaporizer Released By DaVinci After Three Years In Development

DaVinci, makers of the Ascent and self-titled DaVinci vaporizers, have released their latest innovation, the portable IQ vaporizer.

This new vape, which was developed over the course of three years, was first unveiled back in 2016. It offers vapor enthusiasts yet another option in a growing pool of portable vaporizers to choose from.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer In A Bag
This is the latest innovation from the DaVinci Vaporizer company. It’s known as the IQ it just might be the smartest portable vaporizer around. (Credit: PRNewsFoto/DAVINCI)

Designed for dried blends, not liquids or other concentrated blend types, the IQ has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Just last month, Forbes contributor Curtis Silver referred to it as “another great entry” into the vape marketplace that “is setting an early standard for a market that is just getting warmed up.”

One of the variables that really sets it apart from the rest of the portables that are out right now is its all-ceramic air path, which is literally the first of its kind. From where the air comes in to where the vapor exits, the entire pathway is 100% ceramic. This ensures that the vapor never touches any materials that are anything but inert, which as many vapers know, lends to the purity of the vapor produced. This is an area where DaVinci obviously knows what they’re doing, as it’s by no means the first time that the company has taken into careful consideration the materials used in the construction of their vaping product’s vapor pathway. The last example of this being the Ascent, which boasts an all-glass vapor path.

According to Cort Smith, DaVinci’s CEO, the company believes “in building from the inside out, focusing on premium  materials and precision engineering.” So it should come as no surprise that DaVinci took the materials used in the construction of the IQ’s vapor path into careful consideration during the design phase. As Smith said in a statement, the company recognizes that people simply do not want their vaping experience “tainted with metal or plastics” as “they want to taste exactly what they put into a product and nothing more.”

“At DAVINCI we believe in building from the inside out, focusing on premium materials and precision engineering. People don’t want their vaping experience tainted with metal or plastic tastes; they want to taste exactly what they put into a product and nothing more.”

As far as precision engineering goes, they’re not joking and the proof of which can be seen in their IQ’s impeccable ability to reach and maintain the desired vaporizing temperature with a level of accuracy that has proven difficult for more than a few portable vaporizers to match.

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