How The E-Juice In Juul Pods Differs From Other E-Liquids

Have you ever wondered how one e-juice differs from the next? While there are quite a few variables that can differentiate e-liquids from another, Juul’s e-liquid is quite unique in itself.

As Pax Labs CTO Adam Bowen explained to Fast Company, all of the other e-juices out there utilize freebase nicotine, whereas Juul uses a form closer to that which is found naturally occurring in tobacco leaves. In a tobacco leaf, we don’t find freebase nicotine. Instead, the leaf contains nicotine salts. Subsequently, Juul uses nicotine salts instead of the pure molecular form (freebase) found in the e-liquid solutions produced by their competitors. According to Bowen, the salt is a “critical piece” that they discovered and subsequently integrated into their own e-juice.

“All the products on the market use, other than Juul, use nicotine in its freebase form, so pure molecular nicotine (…) If you look at tobacco leaves or the tobacco that’s in a cigarette, [a freebase is] not the state of nicotine in the leaf. What you find there are nicotine salts. It’s nicotine but combined with organic acids to form a salt, kind of like table salt but with different elements. That subtle change in chemistry makes a huge difference in terms of satisfaction. It changes the rate at which nicotine is absorbed into your body when you inhale, and that’s the critical piece that we discovered and put into the formulation with JUUL.”

That’s right folks, Juul uses a proprietary mixture that they conjured themselves – a mixture which includes nicotine salt instead of freebase nicotine.

Unlike many of their competitors, the strength in each of their pods–“pods” are Juul’s equivalent to cartridges–contain 5% nicotine strength, whereas many of the cartridges released by competitors contain up to 2.5% nicotine, sometimes higher but often not.

What do you think of Juul vaporizers and their corresponding pods? Are they better than the somewhat universal 510 threaded alternatives? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Actually, there are plenty of competitors that sell nicotine salt based juices for e-cigs (including refilling JUUL pods) and JUUL’s concoction is not special in any way. I love my JUUL, but the pods are expensive and I refill with Mr. Salt-e liquids because they’re many times cheaper than buying pods directly from JUUL.

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