Lafayette City Council Votes In Favor Of Banning Vape Use In Restaurants And Stores, But Not All Residents Agree

The city council in Lafayette, Indiana has voted in favor of adding vaping to the city smoking ordinance, which would, if passed on the second reading, effectively ban the use of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes in the city’s restaurants, shops, and anywhere else smoking is already prohibited.

Currently, smoking is banned anywhere that a person under the age of 21 is legally allowed to go, with some exception: private homes, tobacco shops, and bars — the latter only if the establishment allows it.

The city’s smoking ordinance has been place since 2008.

While the city council voted 8-0 in favor of including language for vaping in the city’s smoking ordinance during its first reading, not all the city’s residents agree with the ban on vaping.

One such resident, Lloyd Wells, told the city council members that they’re “out of bounds” with their proposed ban on vaping. By his account, those who own businesses should be the ones that ultimately decide whether or not folks can vape or smoke within their businesses. Why? Simply put: because neither smoking nor vaping is currently illegal.

“You’re out of bounds.”

Another resident, Perry Barbee, stated that there’s simply no proof that vaping is bad for human health. By her account, it has actually helped some folks quit smoking.

In other parts of the country, such as New York state, vaping is being treated much like smoking as use of vaporizers and e-cigs have been banned in public places across the state of New York. And in Australia, vaping nicotine-infused liquid, which is what e-cigarettes do, is banned without a doctor’s prescription.

The Lafayette City Council is scheduled to have its second reading on the proposed ordinance in March. At which time, the city council members will decide the fate of vaping within the confines of the city.

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