Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer Receives Rave Reviews From Forbes And Inverse

While Forbes contributor Curtis Silver called it the “black light poster of vapes” in this title for his review of the new 5th Degree by Prohibited, Inverse’s Corey Plante reported that it’s “a product that stands apart from its competition.”

While we could discuss Plante’s report in more detail right now, we are instead going to point out the fact that Silver took a hilarious approach to constructing his own review of the 5th Degree vaporizer, which you can see in his opening sentence: “Bro, do you like vapes bro?” Or perhaps more so in his followup sentence: “Do you like sugar skulls and dragons and Ed Hardy hats bro?” We couldn’t help but laugh when we read his opener. This guy, Silver, certainly has a way with words. But he also has a keen eye for business and branding, quickly cutting through the 5th Degree’s facade and striking at its core as he notes that it’s basically the V2 Pro Series 7 with “some hip branding” that results in a $50 price increase. But it’s more than that and that’s not a point missed on Silver as he notes that it also has a cartridge designed for concentrates instead of a cartridge designed for liquids. Or more specifically, it has a wax cartridge instead of a liquid cartridge, which is one of the reasons why it is in reality its own vape even though it is essentially a modified V2 Pro Series 7 with new graphics.

While Silver starts his review published on the Forbes website with a loud claim, he ends on a more sober note as he calls it “pretty solid” while noting that it could be a little less expensive.

The Prohibited 5th Degree vape, like all of the Prohibited vaporizers, has a titanium wrapped dual quartz rod encased in ceramic, which, according to Prohibited, makes the vapor taste better than vapes which use lower quality materials for their heating coils – a claim reportedly confirmed by Inverse’s test subject.

One of the vape’s big selling points, beyond its obviously relatively compact design offering a high level of portability, is the ease at which its users are able to transition from one type of blend to another using its cartridge system. The system employs magnetic connectors to seal the cartridges in place, which eliminates the need to thread pipe cleaners through it in order to clean it. Subsequently, this is supposedly one of the easier vapes to clean and maintain, or at least that’s what we’ve gathered from analyzing various reviews of it.

Prohibited put together a video showcasing their new vape, which they shared on Vimeo. Here it is:

What do you think, is the Prohibited Fifth Degree all that or just another portable that you won’t be spending your hard-earned dollars on?

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