Vaping Banned In Thailand, Violators Could Face Prison Time

If you vape in Thailand, you do so at your own risk.

In the Southeast Asian country of Thailand, which is world renown for its tropical beaches among other things, those who vape do so at the risk of potential imprisonment as vaping products are just as illegal in the country as hard drugs like crystal meth and heroin.

Getting caught with vape products in the country, such as electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, could result in a hefty prison. For those caught illegally importing the banned vaping products into the country, such an offense could land the culprit behind bars for as long as 10 years. And for those caught selling the products on the streets of Thailand, authorities could impose a jail sentence of up to 5 years.

The complete ban on vaping in the country comes as a result of the successful efforts of the country’s Ministry of Commerce, which pushed the legislation through, resulting in an outright ban on all vape related activity.

Currently, it is illegal in Thailand to manufacture, import, sell, or possess anything related to electronic cigarettes, be it vaporizers, vape juice, or accessories. And if you’re wondering if the country’s vaping laws differ from their smoking laws, the answer is no.

Elsewhere in the world, vaping is coming under increased scrutiny and subsequent regulatory efforts. In some countries, vaping is banned in a similar sense as it is in Thailand. And in Taiwan, authorities are considering a similar outright ban on vaping. However, in other countries, such as England and the rest of the United Kingdom, the federal government, while regulating the e-cig industry, has actually endorsed vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking that they believe could help cigarette smokers quit.

Here’s a complete list of countries where vaping is banned.

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