New Report Sheds Some Light On Vaping’s Long-Term Health Effects

While there are many questions when it comes to the long-term health effects of vaping that have yet to be answered by science, a new report from the National Academy of Sciences indicates that at this time, there are no long-term health effects to vaping.

Still, while the findings may seem conclusive to some, they are anything but as scientists are still playing catch-up. There is, however, a growing body of scientific evidence that has been published to support one of the other major findings of the recently released report: the relative safety of vaping in comparison to smoking.

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

According to the Academy’s report, vaping products such as electronic cigarettes and other forms of vaporizers (or “vapes”) are considerably safer than conventional cigarettes.

For those ditching the cigarette in favor of the vaporizer, the researchers behind the report saw across the board reductions in health risk. They also noted that vaping has the potential to actually improve respiratory function in former smokers who suffer from COPD or asthma.

Second-Hand Vaping Is Less Harmful

Another conclusion that the researchers behind the report reached is one that those who believe vaping to be less harmful than smoking may have already reached on their own accord without the need for scientific evidence to back it: second-hand vaping is less harmful than second-hand smoking.

Future Research

There is always the possibility that the findings of future research may disagree with the findings of this latest report from the National Academy of Sciences. And as it pertains to the prospect of long-term health effects of vaping, future research may very well make evident potential health concerns that are not yet apparent. With that in mind, there’s a chance that vaping is not safe. Then again, perhaps it is.

What do you think, is vaping safe or at least safer than smoking? Let us know what your thoughts on the matter are by chiming in via the comments section below.

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