Apple Vaporizer Patent Questions Linger Years After Filing

After filing a patent for a vaporizer back on July 20, 2016, lingering questions remain about what exactly Apple patented and why.

The patent, which was filed by Tetsuya Ishikawa on behalf of Apple, is for a “sublimator/vaporizer” that, according to the filing’s abstract, is to vaporize or sublimate “a substance” and turn it “into a vapor.” Sounds like the type of vaporizer that we’ve all become abundantly familiar with in recent years with the rise of vaping, but what exactly is this “substance” that it’s designed to vape?

The heat source, again, based on the filing’s abstract, is located “directly above” the material that it’s designed to vaporize. As the material is vaporized, the plate above, which we assume to be a heated plate used to provide direct heat to the material, slides down as the material is vaped.

A hot plate that slides down as the material is vaporized. This sounds like a somewhat innovative vaporizer design. In other words, the hot plate, which is apparently used in place of coils, vaporizes the material below it and as it does so, it slowly moves down to remain in direct contact with the material.

To us, this sounds like it could be a really nice vape and if it’s anything like the company’s other products, like their iPhone or iPad, we absolutely cannot wait to see it for ourselves when, or should we say if, it’s released.

Exactly what type of blend is this device intended for? It may be that the vaporizer, which doubles as a sublimator, is a dual-use product designed for both liquids and solids. In other words, it may be designed to support both dry herbs and extracts. We derive this theory from the background section of the patent filing in which its authors describe a “a canister that is heated to sufficiently high temperature that causes the substance to sublimate (solid to vapor) or vaporize (liquid to vapor), in the canister.”

The company goes on to outline various designs that they may or may not pursue. It appears as if they’re covering all their angles, ensuring that nobody copies their designs before they themselves manifest them into product.

By the sound of it, it appears as if Apple may actually be preparing for an eventual entry into the vaporizer space and if it’s anything like their other products, vape manufacturers beware – there may be another serious contender in the market.

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