Vaping Car Ban Story Spreads Misinformation, Here’s The Truth

After a fake news report made its rounds on the internet, the misconception that vaping in a car in certain U.S. states had become illegal spread to the point that we felt the need to correct any misconceptions sparked by this fake news report, which was published by a website called Associated Media Coverage.

Fortunately for U.S. travelers who enjoy their vapor, the report was fabricated. In other words, it was complete nonsense.

The fact of the matter is that there is no such ban on vaping in motor-vehicles in any state within the United States of America.

The fake news report claimed that the first offense would result in a $100 fine, the second offense would result in a $250 fine, the third offense a $500 fine, and a fourth offense an $825 fine coupled with a 60-day driver’s license suspension. Fortunately, no such fines exist and no law enforcement officer or judge is going to suspend your driver’s license for vaping on the road.

As Snopes, a website dedicated to fact-checking, revealed through their research, the Associated Media Coverage website does not have a disclaimer on it informing its readers that its stories are fabricated. Subsequently, it’s easy to see how this misinformation could easily spread.

Why does Associated Media Coverage want its readers to think that vaping has been banned in cars in certain U.S. states? While we can’t say for sure, there’s a chance their business model relies on advertising revenue and that the more their content spreads, the more money they make. If that is indeed the case, there’s a chance that they couldn’t care less if their readers believe the story, so long as they click the advertisements displayed on their site and help spread their content by sharing it online.

Why do you think Associated Media Coverage spread this fake news story about a vaping car ban?

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