Wrigley Sues Another Vape Company For Trademark Infringement

The Chicago-based Wrigley chewing gum company is suing another vape company for trademark infringement over the vape manufacturer’s marketing of flavored e-juices that, by its account, sound too much like Skittles and Starburst.

The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, marks the second time that the candy company has sued a vape company in the last six months over alleged trademark infringement stemming from e-liquid branding.

Wrigley is now suing Wrecked Juice, a Florida-based e-juice manufacturer, over its “Pink Starburst” and “Skeetlez” vape juice flavors.

Caitlin Kemper, a spokesperson for the Wrigley Company, was quoted by the Chicago Tribune as having said in an emailed statement that the use of their candy brands in the marketing, sale, and promotion of e-cigs is not only “deceptive,” but “irresponsible” as well. Subsequently, the company “strongly” condemns such marketing attempts, which by their account, go against their own anti-tobacco policy and marketing standards.

“The use of popular candy brands in the marketing, sales and promotion of e-cigarettes is deceptive and irresponsible (…) We strongly condemn these actions, which are directly at odds with our anti-tobacco policy and our strict marketing standards.”

Last year, Wrigley filed suit against Dreamcore Enterprise for allegedly infringing upon its trademark Juicy Fruit brand with the sale of a similarly named e-juice.

After Wrigley filed a similar lawsuit against Chi-Town Vapers, a settlement was reached in which the vape company agreed to cease all sales, destroy all product, and pay the candy company damages as well as any profits stemming from the sale of misappropriated brands. Chi-Town Vapers LLC filed for bankruptcy not long after.

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